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Facebook page to support John Abraham

Posted on 16 July 2010 by John Cook

There is now a Facebook page to support John Abraham. Specifically, it's called Prawngate: Support John Abraham against Monckton's bullying. Many thanks to Dan Moutal, creator of the Irregular Climate podcast and Mind of Dan blog.

The word I'm hearing is that St Thomas University is solidly behind John Abraham so I'd like to think all the support expressed at Hot Topic has made a difference. Nevertheless, I encourage everyone to drop by the Facebook and add your support.

For the record, Prawngate refers to Monckton's initial response to John Abraham's response. Most striking was this sentence:

"So unusual is this attempt actually to meet us in argument, and so venomously ad hominem are Abraham’s artful puerilities, delivered in a nasal and irritatingly matey tone (at least we are spared his face — he looks like an overcooked prawn), that climate-extremist bloggers everywhere have circulated them and praised them to the warming skies."

As Dan points out, it's quite extraordinary that someone can throw out an accusation of ad hominem while making an ad hominem attack in the same sentence. Hence Prawngate is born.

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Comments 1 to 29:

  1. Links seem to be broken - they all take me to\
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  2. nevermind - working now
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    Response: Realised the links were broken a few seconds after I clicked the "Send to Mailing List" button, dangit!
  3. Chris is amazing for his contradictions, isn't he?
    At least modern science doesn't work under Moncktonian logic!
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  4. Well done Dan - that makes it worth getting a facebook account!
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  5. Good work. But is that Prawn in the illustration overcooked?

    Also, perhaps you can add some audio and animation to make it talk in a Mid-Western accent. ;-)
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  6. Personally, I am not comfortable with the "Prawn" allusion.

    Monckton's appearance is supposed to have something to do with him having Grave's Disease. Making fun of an opponent's disability should be beyond the pale of acceptable discourse.

    Don Moutal should have gone with "Sitck to the facts, ma'am, stick to the facts".
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    Response: The prawn allusion is not making fun of Monckton. On the contrary, this is a reference to Monckton likening Abraham to an overcooked prawn. I completely agree - making fun of a person's personal appearance is completely inappropriate in what should be a grown-up discourse. It's particularly ironic when you consider Monckton was accusing Abraham of making an ad hominem attack in the same sentence.
  7. "Monckton's appearance is supposed to have something to do with him having Grave's Disease"

    I thought I'd read that Monckton's miracle AIDS cure also cured Grave's disease... not sure where I picked that up!
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  8. Re: Prawngate

    Ok, he started it. I would still have preferred something a bit less flippant.

    This will not stop me recording my support for John Abraham.
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  9. John, over at Deltoid occassional poster to this site 'Passing Wind' is claiming that:

    "At least 5 of Abraham's guest posts at are no longer listed on the site. They have been redacted from the thread index and the thread archive."

    Can you clarify please?
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  10. Sorry, hyperlink fail:

    Passing Wind's comment
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  11. lord_sidcup, I must admit that I cannot remember how many times Abraham has posted on this site (hopefully someone else will be able to reveal more) but I have found this :

    Abraham reply to Monckton
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  12. JMurphy. I think there were/are 6 altogether and you can still access them if you know the URL, but only the 1 you link to appears in the archive index.

    I'm sure there is a simple explanation and John will clarify when he is around.
    0 0
  13. Tobyjoyce, when you say, "Ok, he [Monckton] started it", that seems to imply that someone else has responded in kind. Which again, is not the case. Monckton said Abraham looked like an "overcooked prawn"... not vice versa. The 'Prawngate' name is meant to mock Monckton's diatribe against 'ad hominem' argumentation... in the same sentence where he expresses relief at being "spared his [Abraham's] face". Such hypocrisy SHOULD be mocked.

    Flippant? Yes, but frankly Monckton's ravings don't merit a serious response. If he can't behave like a grownup the best course is to laugh him off and move on.
    0 0
  14. CBDunkerson,

    It is a matter of opinion. I still think leaving all the flippancy and pique on the other side would establish much more effectively the difference between the protagonists.

    It is true that Watts' site (to take one example) has descended into la-la land, with references to cockroaches and the impending doom of a Communist takeover ... all because someone called out one of their idols!!
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  15. JM #11 & Lord S (you don't happen to be a honorary member of the House of Lords, do you?) ;) #12:

    I found 5 with Google from june 2 to june 11 (the "More results from"... link is my friend), including the one you mentioned, all in full working order.

    I assume John is implementing the "nofollow"-thing or something alike, so the WUWTF-crew will have a slightly harder time tracking them, and we will have everything back in no time.
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  16. Yeah it's not that they were actually missing, DarkSkywise, but they don't show up in the list of latest posts.

    I expect they will reappear at some point.
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  17. Anymoo, I've joined Facebook (I had planned not to, being a member of far too many sites already), so I could become a supporting member of Prawngate.

    On the plus side, having just made such a Large Personal Sacrifice (oh dear, there are the first friendship requests pouring in already... what is this? an ambush? shoo!), it'll probably be Extremely Appreciated, which is nice. :)
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  18. Hare are 3 of Profesor Abraham's posts which did not come up with the Search command .. I used Google. Not sure what happened to Part I.

    Part II

    Part II

    ,a href=""> Part III
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  19. Got some of the URLs tangled above. However, the point is made - these have not been removed. Passing Wind just could not find them, but they are difficult to find.
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  20. tobyjoyce, Part I is accessible from Part II, and is here :

    Part I
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  21. Since everybody is posting urls anyway, I might as well do the full versions:

    june 2: Abraham shows Monckton wrong on Arctic sea ice
    june 4: Monckton Chronicles Part II: Here Comes the Sun
    june 6: Abraham reply to Monckton
    june 8: Monckton Chronicles Part III: Acid Reflux
    june 11: Monckton Chronicles Part IV: Medieval Warm Period

    (the preview worked, hope the submit works too!)
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  22. How well the University of St Thomas has acted should be applauded. Eli Rabett has published their correspondence here:

    A humble suggestion - support the University of St. Thomas
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  23. Alternatively, you can just type "Abraham" in the Search box in the upper left corner of the page, and they all show up.

    I use that search box all the time. It's a handy way of finding things when you want to search only the posts and not the comments (a google search for a commonly used term would bring up many threads in which that term might not have been used in the top post).

    For example, using John's search box at upper left, a search for "icesat" shows five posts. A google search for "icesat" shows about 15, mostly people mentioning it in the comments.

    Of course sometimes you're looking for stuff in the comments, in which case google is the way to go.
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  24. Ned, how come when I type in 'Abraham' (without the quote marks, or whatever they're called), I only get :

    Abraham reply to Monckton

    Facebook page to support John Abraham

    Monckton tries to censor John Abraham

    Podcasts interviews and Monckton bashing
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  25. Alternatively, you can just type "Abraham" in the Search box in the upper left corner of the page, and they all show up.

    Oh yes, that search box. (Speaking about hiding in plain sight.) :D

    But it's still a nice example of different researchers using different means and data sets, and all arriving at the same conclusion (i.e. "John Abraham's posts are real and do exist"), just like AGW.
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  26. JMurphy, you're right ... it looks like there's something wrong with the way the Search box is interacting with the database.

    Until John gets this straightened out, I guess Googling Abraham is the way to go.

    DarkSkywise, I'd say this is a nice illustration of how different methods applied to the same data set (the database of posts) can give inconsistent results even when nobody is deliberately tampering with the data!
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  27. That too, yes. :)
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  28. quokka #22

    Great post at Eli Rabett's. Really worth a read. Thanks.
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  29. The only thing that Monckton is "artful" in is the grotesque. The buffoon has received all the attention he deserved and should get no more, really.
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