Peter Hadfield addresses the recent email release

Science journalist and popular Youtube video blogger Peter Hadfield (a.k.a. Potholer54) addresses the latest release of hacked University of East Anglia emails.  Peter is a great skeptic and journalist.  Rather than jumping to conclusions on either side he's taken the time to actually read the emails and put the out-of-context snippits provided by the hacker back into the context of the original emails.

Peter also makes note of the fact that many (possibly all) of the original emails released in 2009 are inclusive in the latest release of 5000 emails.

Peter Hadfield has an impressive journalist CV.  On his Youtube "about me" he says: 

I've been a journalist for 20 years, 14 years as a science correspondent. My degree is in geology, but while working for a science magazine and several science programs I had to tackle a number of different fields, from quantum physics to microbiology. You'll find a complete resume in the video "Who I Am."

Posted by Rob Honeycutt on Wednesday, 30 November, 2011

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