SkS Weekly Digest #26

SkS Highlights

The Debunking Handbooka guide to debunking myths by John Cook and Stephan Lewandowsky, was completed with the postings of the fourth and the fifth articles of a five-part series,

The complete Handbook is now available as a free, downloadable PDF.

Toon of the Week



The Week in Review

Here's a list of aticles posted on SkS during the past week. 

  • Greenhouse Gas Concentrations Continue Climbing by John Hartz
  • The Debunking Handbook: now freely available for download by John Cook & Stephan Lewandowsky
  • Schmittner et al. (2011) on Climate Sensitivity - the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly by Dana
  • SkS public talks in Canada and AGU, San Francisco by John Cook
  • What's Happening To Tuvalu Sea Level? by Rob Painting
  • The Debunking Handbook Part 5: Filling the gap with an alternative explanation by John Cook & Stephan Lewandowsky
  • Memo to Climategate Hacker: Poor Nations Don't Want Your Kind of Help by Dana
  • Arctic Sea Ice Hockey Stick: Melt Unprecedented in Last 1,450 years by Rob Painting
  • The Debunking Handbook Part 4: The Worldview Backfire Effect by John Cook & Stephan Lewandowsky
  • Climategate 2.0: Denialists Serve Up Two-Year-Old Turkey by Rob Painting
  • Economic Growth and Climate Change Part 1 - Factors Influencing CO2 Emissions by Perseus 
  • Pielke Sr. Misinforms High School Students by Dana
  • Coming Soon

    Here's a list of articles that are in the SkS pipeline. Most, but not necessarily all, will be posted during the week.

    SkS in the News

    Zachary Shahan over at Planetsave referred readers to two SkS articles:

    The Climatgate 2.0 post was also re-posted on TreeHugger

    Posted by John Hartz on Monday, 28 November, 2011

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