Climate mythbusting at Lane Cove, Sydney on Feb 28

I will be giving a presentation Climate Change: Busting the Myths at Lane Cove, Sydney on Feb 28, organised by Sustain Me Consulting. The evening will feature climate mythbusting followed by examples of local climate action. The mythbusting will take an interesting, interactive approach. The audience will break into groups and select 3 climate myths they'd most like to hear about. I'll then attempt to debunk the myths. Next, the audience will rate my effort, deciding whether the myths have been busted or not. Given that I have no idea what myths will get thrown at me, the evening could be an engaging, illuminating experience for all... or it could be a train wreck. Either way, bring popcorn! You can register for the event here (there are around 20 spots still available).

On a unrelated note, as far as photos of climate communicators go, I'm not even in John Abraham's league:

Scott Mandia, on the other hand... :-)

Posted by John Cook on Tuesday, 14 February, 2012

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