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All four authors of this article are Canadian scientists and/or science students.

Recently on the comedic Canadian television program The Mercer Report, a satirical look is taken at the state of science in Canada since the Harper GovernmentTM came into power in 2006. 

The video is below:
PMO = Office of the Prime Minister (Stephen Harper)


Although depicted with humor in this video  the current state of science in Canada is no laughing matter. For example:

The government's  attack on environmental research is taking place in the political context of Canada's having reneged on its commitments to the Kyoto Protocol late in 2011, which has drawn international outrage; as well as the government's aggressive promotion of new pipelines that will allow the expansion of bitumen production in Alberta, Prime Minister Stephen Harper's home province.

Eminent environmental economist Mark Jaccard recently wrote a scathing article published in the Vancouver Sun, contrasting Canada's commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 65% by 2050 with its actions to expand bitumen production and exports. Jaccard concludes:

"The facts are simple. Our political leaders are lying to us if they aid and abet the expansion of tarsands while promising to take action to prevent the imminent climate catastrophe. If you love this planet and your children, and are humble and objective in considering the findings of science, you have no choice but to battle hard to stop Gateway and other tarsands pipelines. It is time to face up to this challenge with honesty and courage."

At Skeptical Science we consider the findings of science to be an indispensable part of the foundation upon which public policy should be based. Sadly, the Harper Government evidently sees science as an obstacle to its wider political agenda.

This stance is especially unfortunate given Canada's reputation as the home of many brilliant world-class scientists. In 2006, 90 of these respected climate scientists signed an open letter to The Harper Government urging it to commit to action on climate change. Since that time there has been no reduction in Canadian Greenhouse Gas Emissions.

We wish to express our support for our fellow scientists in the Federal government, scientists whose valuable research is being suppressed.

Posted by robert way on Tuesday, 6 March, 2012

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