Welcome to the Rest of Our Lives

An excellent new video from Climate Crocks weaves together several of the concepts we've examined this week.  Much of the United States has been experiencing numerous extreme weather events, including record heat, intense storms, droughts, and wildfires over the past month.  While we can't attribute these individual weather events to global warming, we do know these types of events will occur more frequently and with more intensity as climate change continues.  These are some of the hidden costs of carbon emissions which we are currently subsidizing.

In this video, Peter Sinclair juxtaposes these extreme weather events and their costs with the recent arguments from Exxon-Mobil CEO Rex Tillerson that we should simply adapt to them rather than trying to prevent them from happening.  Sit back and watch the types of climate-related damages we can expect in the future, and our ability to brush those concerns aside with a foolish call for adaption instead of mitigation.

Posted by greenman3610 on Sunday, 15 July, 2012

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