Skeptical Science Android App update

One of the most significant events in SkS history was when IT consultants Shine Technologies released the Skeptical Science iPhone app in February 2010. The immediate response to the release of the iPhone app was Android users crying "me too!" Shine Technologies very graciously obliged with the subsequent release of the Skeptical Science Android app in July 2010 (sorry Blackberry users, no happiness for you).

The boffins at Shine Technologies continue to work on the SkS apps. Their latest work is an update of the SkS Android App. Speciflcally, they've made the following updates:

Many thanks once again to Danny Brain and the folk at Shine Technologies who did all this phenomenal software development pro bono, driven by their passion for the climate issue. Here are some screenshots of the new Recent News feature:

Click here to check out the SkS Android App

Posted by John Cook on Sunday, 7 October, 2012

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