2012 SkS Weekly Digest #33

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Hansen's New Climate Dice - Hot, Loaded, and Misunderstood by Dana not only attracted the most comments of the articles posted during the past week, it also drew praise from a prominent climate scientist. Book review: Language Intelligence by Joe Romm by John Cook was the second most commented article. 

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"Today’s humans probably need air-conditioning if they want to thrive and prosper. Yet if all those new city dwellers use air-conditioning the way Americans do, life could be one stuttering series of massive blackouts, accompanied by disastrous planet-warming emissions." - Elisabeth Rosenthal

Source: The Cost of Cool Elisabeth Rosenthal, New York Times, Aug 18, 2012 

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SkS Spotlights 

The University of New South Wales Climate Change Research Centre (CCRC) is a multi-disciplinary research group comprising one of the largest university research facilities of its kind in Australia. 

CCRC houses research expertise in the key areas Earth's climate: atmospheric, oceanic and terrestrial processes. We apply basic scientific principles to pressing questions on climate dynamics, global climate change, and extremes of weather and climate. 

Our atmosphere research includes studies of large scale dynamics, convection, radiation, climate feedbacks, and factors controlling precipitation changes and other meteorological impacts. 

Our oceanographic research focuses on the ocean's role in the climate system: including large-scale physical oceanography, coupled climate modes and regional ocean circulation, palaeoclimate dynamics, the ocean's thermohaline circulation, and global biogeochemical cycles. 

On the land surface, we focus on modelling terrestrial processes in climate models, to develop our understanding of the effects of carbon dynamics, hydrology and vegetation processes on climate. 

Scientists at CCRC employ a variety of research tools including global and regional models of the atmosphere, ocean and land surface, coastal domain simulations and process models. We also use a great variety of data collected from satellites, weather stations, ships, eddy-flux towers and aircraft from regions as diverse as the Great Barrier Reef, the tropics, urban surfaces, the Tasman Sea and Antarctica. 

The CCRC is the lead institution in the newly formed ARC Centre of Excellence for Climate System Science, a multi-university initiative to advance fundamental climate sciences in Australia.

Posted by John Hartz on Monday, 20 August, 2012

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