2012 SkS Weekly Digest #34

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Dana's Lindzen, Happer, and Cohen Wall Street Journal Rerun generated the most comments of the articles posted during the week. Neven's Why Arctic sea ice shouldn't leave anyone cold, posted at the end of the week, will most likely generate a larger number of comments over the long haul.  

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2012 Toon 34

Quote of the Week

One of the (UK) government's  most senior scientific advisers has said that efforts to stop a sharp rise in global temperatures were now "unrealistic".

Prof Sir Bob Watson said that any hope of restricting the average temperature rise to 2C was "out the window".

He said that the rise could be as high as 5C - with dire consequences.

Source: Science adviser warns climate target 'out the window' by Pallab Ghosh, Science correspondent, BBC News, Aug 23, 2012 

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SkS in the News

Dana's animated graphic The Escalator was featured by Andrew Revkin on the New York Times Dot Earth blog.  Dana's Lindzen, Happer, and Cohen Wall Street Journal Rerun was also re-posted on Climate Progress.

SkS Spotlights

The Climate Action Adventures of Heather Bauer, Skagit River Valley, British Columbia, Canada

Heather has this to say about herself and her blog. 

I am a working mother and a passionate student of the planet we live on, and of people. I’ve found a career path that enables me to live this passion daily, as a climate change and citizen engagement analyst.

This blog chronicles my adventures navigating the turbulent waters of change.. social, economic and environmental… as a connector and leader of others who would also embrace this journey. See some of my thoughts on this in my first post.

I’m playful and creative, and will express my very malleable opinion in interesting ways. I encourage you to have a conversation with me, and to share your thoughts.

Posted by John Hartz on Monday, 27 August, 2012

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