Skeptical Science Upgrade

Skeptical Science has just transitioned into a (hopefully) transparent upgrade to HTML 5.  Users are not supposed to experience any really noticable changes, although the spacing of some page elements may be different by a pixel or five, here or there.

You're very unlikely to notice anything at all.  If you do, the first thing you should try to do is to refresh the page, to make sure you are using the latest versions of all of the styling and widgets.

With that said, today's web environment is a Rube Goldberg nightmare patchwork of ever changing technologies based on ever changing standards (or lack thereof) implemented by an ever changing array of companies, organizations and individuals.

The end result is what we, in the software industry, term "an annoying, maddening mess."

So, if you experience any unusual difficulties or see anything that looks wrong, please do not hesitate to post a comment here so that the vast, highly paid, over-staffed army of crack programmers behind Skeptical Science can fix it as quickly as possible.

Posted by Bob Lacatena on Monday, 14 January, 2013

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