New research, February 18-24, 2019

A selection of new climate related research articles is shown below.

Climate change impacts 

A framework for agenda-setting ocean acidification through boundary work


Effects of extreme temperatures on cerebrovascular mortality in Lisbon: a distributed lag non-linear model

Understanding high-end climate change: from impacts to co-creating integrated and transformative solutions

“Can you take the heat?” Heat-induced health symptoms are associated with protective behaviors

One thousand ways to experience loss: A systematic analysis of climate-related intangible harm from around the world

Climate displacement and resettlement: the importance of claims-making ‘from below’

Attributable damage liability in a non-linear climate (open access)

Modulation of economic losses from European floods by the North Atlantic Oscillation

An evaluation and monetary assessment of the impact of flooding on subjective well-being across genders in Vietnam (open access)

Making sense of maladaptation: Nordic agriculture stakeholders’ perspectives (open access)

The interplay between urban mitigation and adaptation strategies to face climate change in two European countries

Integrating farmers’ adaptive knowledge into flood management and adaptation policies in the Vietnamese Mekong Delta: A social learning perspective

Do forests relieve crop thirst in the face of drought? Empirical evidence from South China

Short communication: trends in biometeorology publishing: a case study of climate and Human Health Commission members

Weather situation during observed ship-icing events off the coast of Northern Norway and the Svalbard archipelago (open access)

Influence of season, rainfall and air temperature on the reproductive efficiency in Romanov sheep in Croatia

Assessing recent impacts of climate change on design water requirement of Boro rice season in Bangladesh

Interface bureaucrats and the everyday remaking of climate interventions: Evidence from climate change adaptation in Zambia


Anticipating global terrestrial ecosystem state change using FLUXNET

Elevated CO2 alters behavior, growth, and lipid composition of pacific cod larvae

Variability in the expansion of trees and shrubs in boreal Alaska

Short photoperiod reduces the temperature sensitivity of leaf?out in saplings of Fagus sylvatica but not in Horse chestnut

Lower photorespiration in elevated CO2 reduces leaf N concentrations in mature Eucalyptus trees in the field (open access)

Incorporating existing thermal tolerance into projections of compositional turnover under climate change

Spatial early warning signals for impending regime shifts: A practical framework for application in real?world landscapes

The impact of the 2009/2010 drought on vegetation growth and terrestrial carbon balance in Southwest China

How to quantify thermal acclimation capacity?

Photoacclimation state of an Arctic under?ice phytoplankton bloom

Invasion triple trouble: environmental fluctuations, fluctuation-adapted invaders and fluctuation-mal-adapted communities all govern invasion success

Predator?mediated effects of severe drought associated with poor reproductive success of a seabird in a cross?ecosystem cascade

Reconciling ecogeographical rules: rainfall and temperature predict global colour variation in the largest bird radiation

Why tree lines are lower on islands—Climatic and biogeographic effects hold the answer

Local range boundaries vs. large?scale trade?offs: climatic and competitive constraints on tree growth

Variation in tree growth sensitivity to moisture across a water-limited forest landscape

From clear lakes to murky waters – tracing the functional response of high?latitude lake communities to concurrent ‘greening’ and ‘browning’

Climate information to support wildlife management in the North Central United States (open access)

Large contribution of pteropods to shallow CaCO3 export

Other impacts

On Determining the Impact of Increasing Atmospheric CO2 on the Record Fire Weather in Eastern Australia in February 2017 (open access)

Climate change mitigation

Strategies to Achieve Net Zero Emissions in Nepal

Transition pathways to sustainability in greater than 2 °C climate futures of Europe (open access)

Climate change communication

What can climate services learn from the broader services literature? (open access)

Climate Policy

Policies to reduce CO2 emissions: Fallacies and evidence from the United States and California

Carbon price forecasting models based on big data analytics

The financial performance of firms participating in the EU emissions trading scheme

International market mechanisms under the Paris Agreement: A cooperation between Brazil and Europe

Emission savings

A preliminary calculation of cement carbon dioxide in China from 1949 to 2050

Pathways to reduce CO2 emissions as countries proceed through stages of economic development

Extent and costs of forest-based climate change mitigation in Germany: accounting for substitution

Climate change

Robust climate change research: a review on multi-model analysis (open access)

Temperature, precipitation, wind

Unabated Bottom Water Warming and Freshening in the South Pacific Ocean

Detection and attribution of upper-tropospheric warming over the tropical western Pacific (open access)

Extreme ENSO-driven torrential rainfalls at the southern edge of the Atacama Desert during the Late Holocene and their projection into the 21th century

Representation of US warm temperature extremes in global climate model ensembles

Cold spells in Poland and Germany and their circulation conditions

Temperature Trends in Hawai?i: A Century of Change, 1917–2016

Trend analysis and change point detection of temperature over parts of India

Extreme events

Attribution of a Record-Breaking Heatwave Event in Summer 2017 over the Yangtze River Delta (open access)

Near-future tropical cyclone predictions in the western North Pacific: fewer tropical storms but more typhoons

Premonsoon/Postmonsoon Bay of Bengal Tropical Cyclones Intensity: Role of Air?Sea Coupling and Large?Scale Background State

Cluster analysis of tropical cyclones affecting the Taiwan Strait

Interaction of urban heat islands and heat waves under current and future climate conditions and their mitigation using green and cool roofs in New York City and Phoenix, Arizona (open access)

Monitoring of Drought Awareness from Google Trends: A Case Study of the 2011–17 California Drought

Planetary and synoptic-scale dynamic control of extreme cold wave patterns over the United States (open access)

Forcings and feedbacks

The Strength of Low-Cloud Feedbacks and Tropical Climate: A CESM Sensitivity Study

The Effects of Natural Variability and Climate Change on the Record Low Sunshine over Japan during August 2017 (open access) 

The measurement of atmospheric CO2 at KMA GAW regional stations, its characteristics, and comparisons with other East Asian sites (open access)

Does Surface Temperature Respond To Or Determine Downwelling Longwave Radiation?


Thaw processes in ice-rich permafrost landscapes represented with laterally coupled tiles in a land surface model (open access)

Mapping pan-Arctic landfast sea ice stability using Sentinel-1 interferometry (open access)

Antarctic sea ice Control on the Depth of North Atlantic Deep Water

Leads and ridges in Arctic sea ice from RGPS data and a new tracking algorithm (open access)

Effects of changing permafrost conditions on hydrological processes and fluvial fluxes

The Dominant Role of Extreme Precipitation Events in Antarctic Snowfall Variability

Regional response of winter snow cover over the Northern Eurasia to late autumn Arctic sea ice and associated mechanism


Projected climate change impacts on future streamflow of the Yarlung Tsangpo-Brahmaputra River

Leading modes of interannual soil moisture variability in European Russia and their relation to regional climate during the summer season

Atmospheric and oceanic circulation

On the westward shift of tropical Pacific climate variability since 2000

Mechanisms of northward propagation of boreal summer intraseasonal oscillation revealed by climate model experiments

Impacts of the North Atlantic Warming Hole in Future Climate Projections: Mean Atmospheric Circulation and the North Atlantic jet

Carbon and nitrogen cycles

Spatial-temporal change of Carbon storage and sink of wetland ecosystem in arid regions, Ningxia Plain

Large carbon cycle sensitivities to climate across a permafrost thaw gradient in subarctic Sweden (open access)

Variability of Surface Water pCO2 in the Canadian Arctic Archipelago from 2010 to 2016

N2O emissions from the northern Benguela upwelling system

Other papers

General climate science

Climatic issues in early modern England: Shakespeare's views of the sky


Centennial-scale temperature change in last millennium simulations and proxy-based reconstructions

Local ice caps in Finderup Land, North Greenland, survived the Holocene Thermal Maximum

Holocene climate, dynamic landscapes and environmentally driven changes in human living conditions in Beijing

The mighty Susquehanna—extreme floods in Eastern North America during the past two millennia

Glacio-Archaeological Evidence of Permanent Settlements Within Glacier End Moraine Complex During 980-1840AD in Miyar Basin, Lahaul Himalaya, India

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