2013 SkS Weekly Digest #8

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2013 Arctic Sea Ice Extent Prediction by Dana & Dikran Marsupial  garnered the most comments of the articles posted this past week. Many readers were compelled to make their own predicitions. You may want to add yours.

Dana continued to stir the pot with two other postings — In Wall Street Journal op-ed, Bjorn Lomborg urges delay with misleading stats and Low emissions are no justification for Kansas scaling back renewables.

Given the historical significance of the Forward on Climate rallies convened in many US cities on Sunday, Feb 17, John Hartz  produced the 2013 SkS News Bulletin #1: Alberta Tar Sands, Keystone XL Pipeline, and Forward on Climate Rally. If you particpated in one of the rallies, you are encouraged to post a comment about it.

Toon of the Week

The Sisyphean Challenge Of Climate Change Denialism

2013 Toon #8

Reprinted with permission of Media Matters. Click here to access the original posting.

Quote of the Week

"Lots of people in the environmental movement shunned direct action for a long time, with a notion that it's 'unprofessional' or that it could alienate and marginalize our position," Matt Leonard, who coordinates 350's US action team, said Sunday. "I think that history has always shown the exact opposite. I don't think you can name a major social movement that's won a substantial victory that hasn't raised direct action as not just a core tactic, but as a strategy around community self-empowerment, transforming power and reclaiming power."

Forward on Climate: The Slightest Glimmer of Hope for the Planet by Candice Bernd, Truthout | Op-Ed, Feb 22, 2013 

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SkS in the News

Dana's Low emissions are no justification for Kansas scaling back renewables was published in The Guardian and re-posted by Scott Brophy.

John Cook's There is no such thing as climate change denial was published at The Conversation and re-posted at The Sydney Morning Herald, The Brisbane Times, The Age, The North Queensland Register, New Anthropocene, Renew EconomyBayside Bulletin, Tumblr, Climate Spectator, Random Musings, and Science on the Land.

Justin Gillis discussed Lewandowsky and Cook's Recursive Fury paper at New York Times Green.

Greg Laden asked everyone that they please educate themselves on Keystone, referencing Dana's An Updated Look at What Keystone XL and Alberta Tar Sands Mean for the Climate among many good posts on the subject.  Calitics also referenced this post.

Sirius XM Radio host Pete Dominick endorsed SkS on CNN.

Dr. Roger Jones reference Dana's Resolving Confusion Over the Met Office Statement and Continued Global Warming at The Conversation.

OurWorld 2.0 referenced John Mason's The Great Disconnect: the human disease of which climate change is but one symptom.

Gneissgirl endorsed the SkS myth debunking smartphone Apps.

SkS Spotlights

The German federal government set up the German Advisory Council on Global Change (WBGU) as an independent, scientific advisory body in 1992 in the run-up to the Rio Earth Summit. The Council's principal tasks are to:

WBGU publishes flagship reports every two years, making its own choice of focal theme. In addition, the German government can commission the Council to prepare special reports and policy papers.

Posted by John Hartz on Sunday, 24 February, 2013

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