2013 SkS Weekly News Roundup #12

Canada’s far north glaciers are melting fast

Canada’s Arctic Archipelago glaciers will melt faster than ever in the next few centuries, research by European-funded scientists has shown.

Study Shows Canada’s Far North Glaciers Are Melting Fast by Alex Kirby, Climate News Service/Climate Central, March 21, 2013

Climate change a top concern for Gov. Inslee

Washington governor’s focus on the issue goes beyond ordinary politics. He says finding solutions is both a moral obligation and an economic opportunity.

Climate change a top concern for Gov. Inslee by Andrew Garber, Seattle Times, Mar 17, 2013

Climate debate cut from national curriculum

Debate about climate change has been cut out of the national curriculum for children under 14, prompting claims of political interference in the syllabus by the government that has failed "our duty to future generations".

Climate debate cut from national curriculum by Juliette Jowit, The Guardian, March 17, 2013

Climate change is not like other environmental problems

If you’ll forgive me for stating the obvious: Most people don’t understand climate change very well. This includes a large proportion of the nation’s politicians, journalists, and pundits — even the pundits who write about it. (I’m looking at you, Joe Nocera.)

Two reasons climate change is not like other environmental problems by David Roberts, Grist, Mar 19, 2013

El Nino, La Nina and global warming

Is there a connection? And if so, how does it work? Does a warming world lead to more El Ninos? More La Ninas? Or more intense El Ninos and La Ninas?

El Nino, La Nina and Global Warming by Bill Chameides, The Green Grok/Scientific American, Mar 21, 2013

Failure becomes an option

Civil engineers build rugged things designed to last for decades, like roads, bridges, culverts and water treatment plants. But a University of New Hampshire professor wants his profession to become much more flexible.

Failure Becomes an Option for Infrastructure Engineers Facing Climate Change by Jennifer Weeks, The Daily Climate/Scientific American, MAr 20, 2013 

How about using science for climate change?

It was science that determined that global warming and climate change were real, and now it's science that's determined that the Republican Party is full of "stuffy old men."

GOP Uses Science to Find White Bigots ... How About Using Science for Climate Change? Op-ed by Thom Hartmann, Truthout, Mar 18, 2013

Ice cover disappears from King George Island

Could anyone imagine the islands on the South Pole (Antarctica) without its proverbial ice? It seems unthinkable as the man's flirtation with nature, though for scientific research purposes, is paving way to global warming and seems to have cast its shadow on the icy lands as well. 

Global warming effect on Antarctica, ice cover disappears from King George Island by Neel Kamal, The Times of India, Mar 17, 2013

Obama: “All of the above,” again and again

The day after the November 6 election I wrote about Obama’s electoral victory over Romney, which I was glad for. My column was about the need for the climate movement to “make it impossible for the Obama administration not to speak up and take action on the rapidly deepening and most important issue human civilization has ever faced. The world is crying out, almost literally, for smart, determined and visionary leadership on the climate crisis.”

Obama: “All of the above,” again and again by Ted Glick, Grist, Mar 17, 2013 

Oceans may absorb more carbon dioxide

Plankton may absorb more of the CO2 causing climate change than previously thought, according to new research.

Oceans May Absorb More Carbon Dioxide by Stephanie Paige Ogburnand, Climate Wire/Scientific American, Mar 20, 2013 

Plans to abolish climate change Departments in Australia

A LEADING Australian free-market think tank with close ties to the country's conservative Liberal Party has revealed its plan for climate change - abolish it.

Climate Denial Think Tank's Plans To Abolish Climate Change Departments in Australia by Graham Readfearn, DeSmog Blog, Mar 21, 2013 

Storm surge risk amplified

Global warming has already doubled the risk of Hurricane Katrina-magnitude storm surges in the U.S., according to a new study published Monday.

Storm Surge Risk Amplified By Climate Change, Study Finds by Andrew Freedman, The Huffington Post, Mar 18, 2013

Will alternative-energy growth tank

The artificial leaf promised to revolutionize the world by bringing reliable modern energy to those mired in poverty. But the company founded to commercialize the research—Sun Catalytix—has found that it needs to concentrate its efforts on something likely to make money in the nearer term, namely the kind of flow batteries that might provide large amounts of energy storage on the U.S. electric grid.

Will Alternative-Energy Growth Tank During New Fossil-Fuel Glut? [Slide Show] by David Biello, Scientific American, Mar 13, 2013

Posted by John Hartz on Saturday, 23 March, 2013

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