Sportsmen’s and Anglers’ Views Highlighted in New ‘This Is Not Cool’ Video

This is a re-post of Peter Sinclair's latest video at the Yale Forum on Climate Change & The Media.

This month’s Yale Forum video captures the first-hand views of climate change impacts through the eyes of sportsmen, anglers, hunters, and outdoor enthusiasts.

Peter Sinclair’s latest video in his monthly “This is Not Cool” series captures the views of sportsmen and anglers as they’ve personally experienced what they describe as impacts of a warmer world.

Field and Stream Conservation Editor Bob Marshall, Conservation Hawks Chairman Todd Tanner, and Bozeman, Mt., outdoor writer Ken Barrett point to changes they’ve seen across the country.

“Say ‘global warming,’ say ‘climate change,’ and people are a bit reticent to sign-on,” says Barrett. “It’s got a political agenda in this country, sadly, but here’s the irony: You can take the most conservative person, the person who would never admit to climate change, and ask them if the weather has changed in their part of the world. And invariably they’ll have stories about how the weather’s not the way it used to be.”

Outdoors enthusiasts — those “walking the fields of the country every day” — have “actually experienced climate change impacts” and “know that something is going on,” the interviewees say. “We’re seeing something here [Montana] that we’ve literally never seen before,” adds Tanner, pointing to last fall’s wildfires.

People “aren’t always making the connection to climate change,” Tanner said, in part because of what he sees as flawed media coverage of “some huge conspiracy.”

In writing about peer-reviewed climate science, Mitchell said, “there’s this instant blow-back, usually from a lot of the same people actually. I’ve begun to recognize a lot of the same, of course, anonymous handles by these people.”

Posted by greenman3610 on Sunday, 7 April, 2013

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