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Climate education is more important than ever. One important contributor to this is Peter Sinclair who produces the Climate Denial Crock of the Week video series. These YouTube movies are entertaining and educational, boiling complex scientific concepts down to easy-to-understand language (which is not an easy thing to do - take it from me). To obtain funding to continue to produce the videos at a high quality, Crock of the Week has submitted for funding at the Brighter Planet's Project Fund.

Go check out the page yourself - here's an excerpt:

Climate Denial Crock of the Week is a successful series of YouTube videos which lay out the science of climate change in a fast paced, amusing mash-up of video clips, cartoons, music, graphs and images.

As one of the original 1000 Climate Project trainees, working to deliver the truth of climate change science, I realized there are a small number of what I call “Climate Crocks”, crunchy nuggets of disinformation that take only 10 seconds to say, but might take a real scientist an hour to refute.

I launched “Climate Denial Crock of the Week” as a platform to refute, in entertaining style, the canards of climate deniers.

Since its launch a year ago, CDCW has gained an enthusiastic audience and inspired praise from scientists and professionals in the field around the planet.

To make the videos even more effective, I need funding for better software, a good video camera, computer upgrades, sound clips and stock footage.

To obtain funding, he needs votes. So if you consider video and YouTube a useful tool in communicating science, and you think Crock of the Week does a good job of explaining climate science, I suggest you vote for Climate Denial Crock of the Week at Project Fund.

Just to pad out Peter's resume some more, here are some impressive quotes from some highly credentialled people:

“…arresting graphics and straightforward explanations to point out what the science really says, how the contrarians distort and misinform..”
Gavin Schmidt, Goddard Institute for Space Studies, NASA
Michael Mann, Director, Earth System Science Center, Penn State University
“Brilliant job… among the finest, most reasonable stuff I have seen..”
Stephen Schneider
Professor, Department of Biology and
Senior Fellow, Woods Institute for the Environment
Stanford University
“Sinclair manages to pack a whole lot of useful and accurate information into each video. All in all, it’s a really superb resource and I applaud his ongoing effort.”
Professor Barry Brook
Sir Hubert Wilkins Chair of Climate Change
Director of Climate Science
University of Adelaide,

UPDATE 18 May 2010: Great news! Climate Denial Crock of the Week won the Project Fund grant.

Posted by John Cook on Friday, 14 May, 2010

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