Woody Guthrie award to The Science of Doom

Back in February, Skeptical Science was honoured to receive the Woody Guthrie award from Dan's Wild Science Journal. The idea is the award gets passed on from blog to blog, to those whom they deem a 'thinking blog'. I've been sitting on it for nearly 3 months now but it's time to dust off the award and regretfully pass it onto a worthier recipient. I've been agonising between a well known climate blog which I've admired for years and a newer, lesser known blog which has been a favourite haunt of mine in recent months. Finally, I made a decision today and have passed the award onto The Science of Doom by Steve Carson.

I chose Steve's website for several reasons. One is because I've been digging through his archives of posts lately with great interest. He's written a must-read series on CO2 absorption that has now reached its 8th installment - you'll learn more about CO2 absorption than you ever wanted to know. His writing gets down to first principles which I particularly enjoy. Gotta love those first principles.

Secondly, I opted for Steve because this was the lesser known blog. The Science of Doom deserves a broader audience. The more people that can learn the fundamental lessons Steve presents about climate science, the better.

Lastly, I have a great deal of admiration for Steve himself. I try to impose upon myself some level of calm rationality in a climate debate which often devolves into loud, screaming matches. Even the best of people get excited and lose their temper as I observe often in Skeptical Science discussions, having had to delete many comments from both sides. However, self-control and discipline is essential when we discuss climate science. Not because climate change is not an important issue but because it is so important. This crucial issue deserves the best of us, that we apply all of our intellect, energy and focus in understanding the science, educating others and working towards solutions.

Well, that sentiment is good in theory but I still manage to lose control of my emotions sometimes. Several times after I've responded to a comment a little more gruffly than I should've, Steve has posted a rational, reasonable comment about how we should conduct ourselves without alienating visitors, reminding me of the importance of self-discipline and empathy.

So I recommend you all visit The Science of Doom and dig through the archives, learn the science and observe how Steve conducts himself.

Posted by John Cook on Monday, 17 May, 2010

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