2013 SkS Weekly Digest #23

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In Lu Blames Global Warming on CFCs (Curve Fitting Correlations), Dana clearly demonstrates that Lu 2013 is a "dog that won't hunt." Becasue Lu's erroneous findings have been widely trumpted by the folk in Deiersville, it is no surprise that Dana's skillful dissection of it garnered the most comments of the articles posted on SkS this past week.

MarkR's New study by Skeptical Science author finds 100% of atmospheric CO2 rise is man-made drewthe second highset number of comments. The article summarizes the findings containted in Richardson 2013

Toon of the Week

 2013 Toon 23

Quote of the Week

"Much has been made of a short-term reduction in the rate of atmospheric warming. But “global” warming requires looking at the entire planet. While the increase in atmospheric temperature has slowed, ocean warming rose dramatically after 2000. Excess heat is being trapped in Earth’s climate system, and observations of the Global Climate Observing System and others are increasingly able to locate it. Simplistic interpretations of cherry-picked data hide the realities."

Climate science tells us the alarm bells are ringing, Op-ed by Michael Oppenheimer and Kevin Trenberth, Washington Post, Jun 7, 2013

Agreement of the Week

"As some environmental analysts had hoped, President Obama and President Xi Jinping of China found room to maneuver on global warming in their California desert retreat. They sidestepped the super wicked issues impeding restrictions of the greenhouse gas of greatest concern, carbon dioxide, and staff released a joint statement on plans to cut releases of hydrofluorocarbons, or HFCs, a potent group of heat-trapping gases."

With CO2 Cuts Tough, U.S. and China Pledge a Push on Another Greenhouse Gas by Andrew Revkin, DoT Earth, New York Times, June 8, 2013 

SkS Week in Review

SkS Rebuttal Articles Updated

Dana updated the Advanced version of the rebuttal article, It's CFCs, by including information about Lu (2013), the subject of his post, Lu Blames Global Warming on CFCs (Curve Fitting Correlations). Dana also created the Basic version of It's CFCs.

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SkS in the News

The list of consensus project republishers continued to grow this week, including references in The Washington Post, by UK Energy and Climate Change Secretary Ed Davey, and by Dana in The Sacramento Bee.

At The Convseration, Andrew Gilkson referenced The Escalator in debunking the Lu (2013) CFCs paper.

Greg Laden featured a very nice debunking of the 1970s ice age predictions myth by David Kirtley, who identified a Time Magazine cover photo that was doctored in 2009.


Here is the actual Time cover from April 9, 2007:


John Mason's Video: Lake El'gygytgyn, Pleistocene super-Interglacials and Arctic warmth was also re-posted on A Liberal's Hit List.

SkS Spotlghts

Biodiversity underpins the life-support system of our planet. Both natural and managed ecosystems deliver important ecological services such as the production of food and fibre, carbon storage, climate regulation and recreation opportunities.

DIVERSITAS (the Latin word for “diversity”) was established to address the complex scientific questions posed by the loss in biodiversity and ecosystem services and to offer science based solutions to this crisis.

DIVERSITAS is an international programme of biodiversity science with a dual mission:

DIVERSITAS achieves its mission by:

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