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Before he left for a much deserved, two-week vacation in Australia, Dana posted two articles,Why trust climate models? It's a matter of simple science and Fox News defends global warming false balance by denying the 97% consensus. The comment threads of these two articles were the most active of the articles posted this past week.  

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"The key piece here is just how unprecedented the warming of Arctic Canada is," Gifford Miller, a researcher at the University of Colorado, Boulder, said in a joint statement from the school and the publisher of the journal Geophysical Researcher Letters, in which the study by Miller and his colleagues was published online this week. "This study really says the warming we are seeing is outside any kind of known natural variability, and it has to be due to increased greenhouse gases in the atmosphere."

Arctic Temperatures Highest in at Least 44,000 Years by Douglas Main, Live Science, Oct 24, 2013

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In his blog post,Joe Bastardi, a Bad Penny, David Appell sends his readers to Dana's article, One Confusedi Bastardi.

In his Clean Technica article,Note To University Press Release Writers, Zachary Kahn advises his readers to use both the Skeptical Science website and the Debunking Handbook to learn how to communicate the science better.

The Debunking Handbook is prominently featured on the homepage of the Climate Change Task Force, The Climate Change Portal of the Unitarian Universalist United Nations Office  or UU-UNO.

Grant McDermott, who writes blog post articles for the Energy Collective, relies on SkS for climate science updates.

SkS Spotlights

The Unitarian Universalist United Nations Office promotes well-being, peace, and justice throughout the world. Crucial to this effort is combating the impacts of the man-made global warming trend of climate change. The VISION of the UU-UNO Climate Change Initiative is a world with mitigated climate change viable for us and future generations. The MISSION is to provide motivation for climate action. An ambitious PROJECT underway is sparking the creation of a network of Climate Action Teams CATs in UU Congregations. Click HERE for information.

Posted by John Hartz on Sunday, 27 October, 2013

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