New Video: Climate, Jetstream, Polar Vortex

This is a re-post from Climate Crocks

This is the first video to include interviews conducted at the American Geophysical Union  Fall Meeting in San Francisco in December.

I started out with a focus on what we were hearing about extreme events, then took a little jog when the latest extreme even presented itself – our current polar vortex, which is a pretty good textbook example of the kind of weather that we may be seeing more of, paradoxically, in this case, cold snap made more likely by increasingly lazy jet stream flow.

This video contrasts arctic cold and snow in the east with mild temps and droughts in California.

Complete report on  drought from California TV station KSBW below.

Additional report now up on dry lakes in the California area.

Posted by greenman3610 on Wednesday, 5 February, 2014

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