2014 SkS Weekly Digest #24

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Dana's In charts: how a revenue neutral carbon tax cuts emissions, creates jobs, grows the economy attracted the most comments of the articles posted on SkS during the past week. Scientists in focus – Lyman and Johnson explore the rapidly warming oceans by John Abraham contains an amazing photo of a fellow scientist seemingly defying gravity on the underside of a protruding rock. 

El Niño Watch

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 2014 Toon 24

h/t to I Heart Climate Scientists

Quote of the Week

Scientists around the world have been warning us for decades about the consequences of our wasteful lifestyles, and evidence for the ever-increasing damage caused by pollution and climate change continues to grow. But we have to do more than just wean ourselves off fossil fuels. We must also look to economic systems, progress measurements and ways of living that don’t depend on destroying everything the planet provides to keep us healthy and alive.

Fossil Fuels' 'Easy Money' and the Need for a New Economic System by David Suzuki, Common Dreams, June 11, 2014

SkS Spotlights

Spotlights 24

With UNESCO’s World Heritage Committee meeting to consider the condition of the Great Barrier Reef and other world heritage sites in less than four weeks, YouNesco.org has been created as a new platform to collect votes on Australian government plans to dump dredge spoil in reef waters.

The Fight for the Reef campaign, backed by the Australian Marine Conservation Society and WWF-Australia, aims to take the YouNesco vote tallies to the annual meeting of the World Heritage Committee, commencing in Doha, Qatar on June 15.

- See more at: http://tcktcktck.org/2014/06/join-the-great-barrier-reef-social-media-storm/62255#sthash.NjyrsZPT.dpufhere

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  2014 Poster 24

Insurance Industry Watch

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Mother Nature Always Bats Last!

Deadly flooding hits Brazil as World Cup begins, tck tck tck, June 13, 2014 


Posted by John Hartz on Sunday, 15 June, 2014

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