2014 SkS Weekly Digest #47

SkS Highlights

President Obama's climate leadership faces the Keystone XL challenge by John Abraham attracted the highest number of comments of the articles posted on SkS during the past week. Coming in a close second was John Cook's Why we need to talk about the scientific consensus on climate change. Both articles were inititally posted on the blog, Climate Consensus - the 97% hosted on The Guardian. 

El Niño Watch 

Tropical Pacific Ocean moves closer to El Niño Enso Wrap-Up posted by the Australian Bureau of Meteorology on Nov 18, 2014

Toon of the Week

 2014 Toon 47

h/t to I Heart Climate Scientists

Quote of the Week

According to Francis*, the extreme U.S. winter of last year and now, the extremes at the beginning of this season, fit her theory. "This winter looks a whole lot like last winter, it’s a very amplified jet stream pattern," she says. "We know that when we get these patterns, it tends to be very persistent. And it is definitely the type of pattern that we expect to see more often as the Artic continues to warm so fast."

*Jennifer Francis, Research Professor, Rutgers University

There’s growing evidence that global warming is driving crazy winters by Chris Mooney, Wonkblog, Washington Post, Nov 20, 2014 

SkS Spotlights

 97  Hours: Ken Caldeira

Ken Caldeira's bio-page

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Poster of the Week

2014 Poster 47 

SkS Week in Review

Posted by John Hartz on Sunday, 23 November, 2014

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