97 Hours - the Turkish edition

Shortly after 97 Hours of Consensus had been successfully completed, we received an email from the Turkey-based blog Out for Beyond enquiring if they could create translated versions for the quotes. Obviously, we were quite happy with this chance to increase the project’s reach even further!

The Out for Beyond team quickly started to translate the quotes while we prepared the Skeptical Science website in order to eventually host the “dubbed” cartoons. Once they became available, the translations were proofread by a colleague of mine in Germany and given a big thumbs-up for their quality.

The first finished quote was the one for Michael Mann (who knew that he is fluent in Turkish?):


97Hours_49_James_HansenIn an effort to raise awareness in Turkey about climate change, Out for Beyond is publishing the quotes on their blog while COP20 in Lima is happening. The plan is to publish one quote per hour from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm each day, making this campaign stretch out for almost the complete duration of COP20. Please visit Out for Beyond to follow their project!

Thanks to the volunteers ?stem Fer, Ege M. Diren, Y?ld?z Göney, Barbara Santos, Emel Türker for their translations and Özgür Gölkesen for proofreading them!

Would you like to help increase 97Hours_08_Simon_Donnerthe reach of 97Hours even further by providing translations into other languages? If your answer is yes, then please contact me by selecting "Enquiry about translations" from the contact form's dropdown menu and I’ll get back to you within a couple of days with the relevant information. I’ll also provide a spreadsheet which contains all the quotes in English for easy translation.

Last but not least, here is a reminder that the animated group-scene is still up and running and you can find all the quotes in our graphics resources - just in case you’d like to read the quotes again:

Posted by BaerbelW on Tuesday, 2 December, 2014

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