2015 SkS Weekly News Roundup: End of the Series

As the title of this post indicates, the SkS Weekly News Roundup will no longer be produced for posting on the SkS website.

I will, however, continue to post links to articles about climate change and related matters on the SkS Facebook Page. I am currently posting links to 8 articles per day at 3 hour intervals. The Facebook format allows discussion of each article on its own comment thread. I invite you to participate in those forums. 

There are multiple reasons why I am discontinuing production of the Weekly News Roundup series:

If you like to get your news about climate change and related matters on a daily basis in the form of a broadcast email, here are some of the organizations that provide such a service for free:

In addition. you can sign up for daily emails from Google Alerts.

Thank you.

Posted by John Hartz on Saturday, 11 July, 2015

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