What do you get when you put a climate scientist and 52 skeptics in a room?

No, it's not a joke or an infographic. In late June, the SBS TV program Insight recorded a program with climate scientist Stephen Schneider. Sadly, Schneider passed away several weeks later. In the show, Schneider faced questions from a crowd of 52 climate skeptics. The result airs on SBS at 7.30pm tonight. Immediately after the show airs, Australian climate scientist David Karoly will be on the SBS website to answer live questions. Here's what David said in a recent email:

"When  climate scientist Steve Schneider was in Australia in June, he recorded a  TV program where he answered questions on climate change science from an audience of more than 50 people sceptical about climate change drawn from the general public. This hour-long program, for SBS Insight, will be shown in Australia at 7:30pm on Tuesday 7 Sept and will be available in full online at

I will be channelling Steve when I do the responses to questions in the Live Chat online, straight after the program is broadcast.

I know that for many people who knew Steve it will be painful to watch, as he died in July. But it is Steve at his best, carefully and thoughtfully answering questions from the public about climate change. It is a program that could be included in classes on climate change, as material on responding to common questions about climate change. It is another way that Steve continues to have a very positive influence."

Should be fascinating television (albeit saddening). So if you're in Australia, be sure to tune in at 7.30 tonight. If you're outside of Australia, you can watch the show online (I'm not sure whether it will stream live or be available after the show airs). More info here...

UPDATE: I've updated the title of this blog post - for some reason, I had it in my head that it was Steve Schneider AND David Karoly in the show. It's only Steve Schneider with David Karoly on the SBS website for the hour after the show.

Posted by John Cook on Tuesday, 7 September, 2010

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