Heartland Institute's misinformation campaign into schools

Last month, the Heartland Institute sent a climate denial booklet to 25,000 teachers around the US. In Episode 8 of the Evidence Squared podcast, we look at the why and how of this book. What is the chief motivation for the book’s misinformation and what are the techniques they employ to cast doubt on climate science?

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Links from this episode

Lee Fang’s video of Heartland Institute director Joe Bast denying his denial of the health impacts of smoking then denying the health impacts of smoking.

2016 paper by Lewandowsky, Cook and Lloyd examining the incoherence of climate denial.

Article about Heartland billboard equating people convinced about climate change to Unabomber

PBS Frontline article Heartland book being delivered to 25,000 science teachers

National Science Teachers Association letter to their members

Science paper Climate confusion among U.S. teachers

Educators Decry Conservative Group’s Climate ‘Propaganda’ Sent to Schoolteachers (Inside Climate News)

NCSE blog post on teachers using Heartland book as a “teachable moment”.

Studies on the importance of “perceived consensus” as a gateway belief:

Studies finding overwhelming scientific consensus on human-caused global warming:

Skeptical Science debunking of the Global Warming Petition Project.

Skeptical Science debunking of “it’s the sun” myth

Posted by John Cook on Friday, 21 April, 2017

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