2017 SkS Weekly Climate Change & Global Warming News Roundup #46

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‘Planet at a crossroads’: climate summit makes progress but leaves much to do

The UN negotiations in Bonn lay the groundwork for implementing the landmark Paris deal, but tough decisions lay ahead

COP23 Bonn Act Alliance Chocolate Coins

Representatives of Act Alliance hand out chocolate coins, promoting the need for climate finance for adaptation. Photograph: Kiara Worth/ENB/IISD

The world’s nations were confident they were making important progress in turning continued political commitment into real world action, as the global climate change summit in Bonn was drawing to a close on Friday.

The UN talks were tasked with the vital, if unglamorous, task of converting the unprecedented global agreement sealed in Paris in 2015 from a symbolic moment into a set of rules by which nations can combine to defeat global warming. Currently, the world is on track for at least 3C of global warming – a catastrophic outcome that would lead to severe impacts around the world.

The importance of the task was emphasised by Frank Bainimarama, Fiji’s prime minister and president of the summit: “We are not simply negotiating words on a page, but we are representing all our people and the places they call home.”

‘Planet at a crossroads’: climate summit makes progress but leaves much to do by Damian Carrington, Guardian, Nov 17, 2017 

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