Students from KMIDS college in Bangkok posting comments

You may have noticed comments in several threads which seem to have come a bit out of the blue. We were wondering the same and found out that the comments are related to a climate change related class activitiy originating from King Mongkut's International Demonstration School (KMIDS) in Bangkok, Thailand. If you read the students' comments, please be aware that English is not their native language.

Here is what Michael Brunt who teaches the class sent us about this activity:

Skepticism is healthy and necessary in science. As a matter of fact, the first step in the scientific method, and in the general process of learning, is to ask a question. So, when it comes to climate change, it is understandable that people have questions. However, there exists so much misleading information that people are often confused thereby often forming misconceptions. 

At King Mongkut’s International Demonstration School (KMIDS) in Bangkok, Thailand, Mr. Michael Brunt’s 10th grade environmental science students have been discussing and analyzing climate change and the cryosphere, and addressing misconceptions. After viewing the documentary Chasing Ice, students have been given the task to get actively involved. As part of this task, each student has been required to select three articles of interest from the website Skeptical Science, read and research the articles, and post their comments. Part of their assessment will be the value that the students’ comments, thoughts, ideas, and opinions contribute to the article’s discussion.

Here is a picture of who the comments are coming from:


Let's make this a memorable learning experience for the students!

Posted by BaerbelW on Tuesday, 27 March, 2018

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