New research, July 30 - August 4, 2018

A selection of new climate related research articles is shown below.

Climate change

Temperature, precipitation, wind

Optimal Ranking Regime Analysis of U.S. Summer Temperature and Degree-Days: 1895-2015

Detectable Impacts of the Past Half?Degree Global Warming on Summertime Hot Extremes in China

Time series analysis of quarterly rainfall and temperature (1900–2012) in sub-Saharan African countries

Trends of the observed temperature and its variations in the Tamil Nadu State of India

Roles of SST versus internal atmospheric variability in winter extreme precipitation variability along the U.S. West Coast

Extreme events

Factors influencing (mal)adaptive responses to natural disasters: The case of Hurricane Matthew

Changes in characteristics of rapidly intensifying western North Pacific tropical cyclones related to climate regime shifts

The effect of providing probabilistic information about a tornado threat on people’s protective actions

Future Projections of the Large Scale Meteorology Associated with California Heat Waves in CMIP5 Models

Extreme precipitation in the Netherlands: An event attribution case study

Impacts of climate and land use changes on flood risk management for the Schijn River, Belgium

Forcings and feedbacks

Accounting for changing temperature patterns increases historical estimates of climate sensitivity

Estimated spatiotemporal variability of total, direct and diffuse solar radiation across China during 1958–2016

Solar radiation measurements in the United States between 1916 and 1949 document widespread brightening in the mid?20th century


Atmospheric river impacts on Greenland Ice Sheet surface mass balance

Current and future glacier and lake assessment in the deglaciating Vilcanota-Urubamba basin, Peruvian Andes

Recent evolution of glaciers in Western Asia in response to global warming: the case study of Mount Ararat, Turkey

Estimation of surface flow speed and ice surface temperature from optical satellite imagery at Viedma glacier, Argentina

Large discrepancy between measured and remotely sensed snow water equivalent in the northern Europe and western Siberia during boreal winter


Conversion features of evapotranspiration responding to climate warming in transitional climate regions in northern China

Changing groundwater discharge dynamics in permafrost regions (open access)

Atmospheric and oceanic circulation

Impacts of Atmospheric Reanalysis Uncertainty on Atlantic Overturning Estimates at 25°N

Distinct mechanisms of ocean heat transport into the Arctic under internal variability and climate change

Impact of arctic oscillation on Indian winter monsoon

Polar Climate Change as Manifest in Atmospheric Circulation (open access)

Carbon cycle

Transport and storage of anthropogenic C in the North Atlantic Subpolar Ocean (open access)

A billion tons of unaccounted for carbon in the Southeastern United States

Forests dominate the interannual variability of the North American carbon sink

Study on carbon dioxide atmospheric distribution over the Southwest Indian Ocean islands using satellite data: Part 1 – Climatology and seasonal results

Climate change impacts


Cooling Effect of Urban Trees on the Built Environment of Contiguous United States (open access)

An examination of midwestern US cities’ preparedness for climate change and extreme hazards

Intergovernmental relations for public health adaptation to climate change in the federalist states of Canada and Germany


Rapid warming is associated with population decline among terrestrial birds and mammals globally

Self?Amplifying Feedbacks Accelerate Greening and Warming of the Arctic

Potential medium-term impacts of climate change on tuna and billfish in the Gulf of Mexico: A qualitative framework for management and conservation

Climate limits on European forest structure across space and time

Generality in multispecies responses to ocean acidification revealed through multiple hypothesis testing

Reproductive performance and diving behaviour share a common sea?ice concentration optimum in Adélie penguins (Pygoscelis adeliae)

A reality check for climate change experiments: do they reflect the real world? (open access)

Influence of winter precipitation on spring phenology in boreal forests

Range expansion and redefinition of a crop-raiding rodent associated with global warming and temperature increase

Climate change mitigation

Climate change communication

Effectiveness of gaming for communicating and teaching climate change

Emission savings

Personal mobility and climate change

Electric vehicle adoption in Sweden and the impact of local policy instruments

What drives energy efficiency? New evidence from financial crises

Energy production

Japan’s mega solar boom: quantifying social equity expectations and realities at the local scale

Climate Policy

Carbon tax or emissions trading? An analysis of economic and political feasibility of policy mechanisms for greenhouse gas emissions reduction in the Mexican power sector

Other papers


Abrupt climate change at ~2800 yr BP evidenced by a stalagmite record from peninsular India

The collapse of the North Song dynasty and the AD 1048–1128 Yellow River floods: Geoarchaeological evidence from northern Henan Province, China

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