Vote for SkS in the web awards

Skeptical Science is honoured to be included in the short list of the Institute of Physics Web Awards 2010. Each year, the Institute of Physics select 35 websites in 7 different categories, including Best Blog, Best News Site, Best Podcast, etc. Skeptical Science is listed in the President's Prize category (which seems to be the miscellaneous websites that can't be categorised elsewhere).

Voting ends November 7 and on November 15, they announce a People's Choice plus the judge's choice. So be sure to register with (as only registered users can take part) and vote for Skeptical Science. Actually, you can vote/rate all the websites so have a look at some of the other websites - Sixty Symbols is pretty cool (what's that, I'm not supposed to mention the competition?)

Posted by John Cook on Saturday, 23 October, 2010

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