New research, November 12-18, 2018

A selection of new climate related research articles is shown below.

Climate change

Seasonal climatic effects and feedbacks of anthropogenic heat release due to global energy consumption with CAM5

A method for investigating the relative importance of three components in overall uncertainty of climate projections

Temperature, precipitation, wind

A Recent Shift Toward an El Niño?Like Ocean State in the Tropical Pacific and the Resumption of Ocean Warming

Precipitation Characteristic Changes due to Global Warming in a High?Resolution (16?km) ECMWF Simulation

Investigating the causes of increased 20th-century fall precipitation over the southeastern United States

Global observational evidence of strong linkage between dew point temperature and precipitation extremes

Wind over the Adriatic Region in CORDEX Climate Change Scenarios

Simulating Arctic 2-m air temperature and its linear trends using the HIRHAM5 regional climate model

Regional trend changes in recent surface warming

Comparison of land–ocean warming ratios in updated observed records and CMIP5 climate models (open access)

Extreme events

Extreme temperature and rainfall events in National Capital Region of India (New Delhi) in the recent decades and its possible impacts

Future projections of extreme temperature events in different sub-regions of China

Drought legacies are dependent on water table depth, wood anatomy and drought timing across the eastern US

Future projection of droughts over major river basins in Southern Africa at specific global warming levels

Drought characterization over India under projected climate scenario

Asymmetric relationships between ENSO and entrance tropical cyclones in the South China Sea during fall

Interdecadal variability of the location of maximum intensity of category 4?5 typhoons and its implication on landfall intensity in East Asia

Projecting Changes in Societally Impactful Northeastern U.S. Snowstorms

The intensity and motion of hybrid cyclones in the Australian region in a composite potential vorticity framework

Synoptic climatology of hybrid cyclones in the Australian region

Multiple climate hazards in Eurasian drylands

Forcings and feedbacks

A hierarchical statistical framework for emergent constraints: application to snow?albedo feedback

Global IWV trends and variability in atmospheric reanalyses and GPS observations (open access)

Indirect Influence of Humidity on Atmospheric Spectra near 4 μm

Impacts of distribution patterns of cloud optical depth on the calculation of radiative forcing

Global changes in the diurnal cycle of surface ozone

Driving factors of aerosol properties over the foothills of central Himalayas based on 8.5 years continuous measurements

Solar cycle characteristics and their application in the prediction of cycle 25


Variability in Basal Melting Beneath Pine Island Ice Shelf on Weekly to Monthly Timescales

Control of ocean temperature on Jakobshavn Isbræ's present and future mass loss

Localized plumes drive front?wide ocean melting of a Greenlandic tidewater glacier

Groundwater in catchments headed by temperate glaciers: A review

A coupled glacier–hydrology model and its application in eastern Pamir

Snow hydrology in the upper Yellow River basin under climate change: a land?surface modeling perspective

Exploration of Antarctic Ice Sheet 100-year contribution to sea level rise and associated model uncertainties using the ISSM framework (open access)

The Energetics of Extensive Melt Water Flooding of Level Arctic Sea Ice

Estimating snow depth over Arctic sea ice from calibrated dual-frequency radar freeboards (open access)


Sea level interannual variability along the west coast of India

Coastal Sea level rise around the China Seas

Runoff from glacier ice and seasonal snow in High Asia: separating melt water sources in river flow (open access)

GNSS-derived PWV and comparison with radiosonde and ECMWF ERA-Interim data over mainland China

Understanding the spatial differences in terrestrial water storage variations in the Tibetan Plateau from 2002 to 2016

Atmospheric and oceanic circulation

The mechanisms of the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation slowdown induced by Arctic sea ice decline

On the variability of the Atlantic meridional overturning circulation transports in coupled CMIP5 simulations

Increasing Atlantic Ocean heat transport in the latest generation coupled ocean?atmosphere models: The role of air?sea interaction

Regional Changes in the Mean Position and Variability of the Tropical Edge

Inter-model uncertainty in the change of ENSO’s amplitude under global warming: Role of the response of atmospheric circulation to SST anomalies

The Role of Hadley Circulation and Lapse-Rate Changes for the Future European Summer Climate

Carbon and nitrogen cycles

Contribution of soil inorganic carbon to atmospheric CO2: More important than previously thought (open access)

Uncertainty in United States coastal wetland greenhouse gas inventorying (open access)

Magnitude, pattern and controls of carbon flux and carbon use efficiency in China's typical forests

Climate change impacts 


The Influence of Interannual Climate Variability on Regional Violent Crime Rates in the United States (open access)

Societal causes of, and responses to, ocean acidification (open access)

Economic and biophysical impacts on agriculture under 1.5 °C and 2 °C warming (open access)

Analysis of wheat farmers’ risk perceptions and attitudes: evidence from Punjab, Pakistan

Ricardian analysis of climate change–agriculture linkages in Pakistan

The effects of monthly air temperature and rainfall variations on the reproductive performance and lambing distribution of the Jezersko-Sol?ava sheep

Environmental change, adaptation strategies and the relevance of migration in Sub-Saharan drylands (open access)

Demographic variation and change in the Inuit Arctic (open access)


Pinatubo volcanic eruption exacerbated an abrupt coral mortality event in 1991 summer

Ocean acidification reduces hardness and stiffness of the Portuguese oyster shell with impaired microstructure: a hierarchical analysis (open access)

Impact of carbonate saturation on large Caribbean benthic foraminifera assemblages (open access)

Limiting the high impacts of Amazon forest dieback with no-regrets science and policy action

Introduced garden plants are strong competitors of native and alien residents under simulated climate change

Increasing temperature seasonality may overwhelm shifts in soil moisture to favor shrub over grass dominance in Colorado Plateau drylands

Reduced carbon use efficiency and increased microbial turnover with soil warming

Susceptibility of European freshwater fish to climate change: species profiling based on life?history and environmental characteristics

Antagonistic effects of temperature and dissolved organic carbon on fish growth in California mountain lakes

Effects of climate and demography on reproductive phenology of a harvested marine fish population (open access)

Climatically controlled reproduction drives interannual growth variability in a temperate tree species (open access)

The effect of the 2013–2016 high temperature anomaly in the subarctic Northeast Pacific (the “Blob”) on net community production (open access)

Northward expanding resident species benefit from warming winters through increased foraging rates and predator vigilance (open access)

Is oxygen limitation in warming waters a valid mechanism to explain decreased body sizes in aquatic ectotherms? (open access)

Climate change mitigation

Climate change communication

Utilizing the Dynamic Role of Objects to Enhance Cross-Cultural Climate Change Collaborations

Testing the Influence of Recent Weather on Perceptions of Personal Experience With Climate Change and Extreme Weather in New York State

Climate change and the agricultural sector in Ireland: examining farmer awareness and willingness to adopt new advisory mitigation tools

Climate Policy

Why the social cost of carbon will always be disputed (open access)

The Paris Agreement and climate change negotiations: Small Islands, big players

Climate, air quality, and health benefits of a carbon fee-and-rebate bill in Massachusetts, USA (open access)

Health co-benefits and the development of climate change mitigation policies in the European Union

Energy production

Is it the end of the line for Light Water Reactor technology or can China and Russia save the day?

Effectiveness of crop residuals in ethanol and pyrolysis-based electricity production: A stochastic analysis under uncertain climate impacts

Promoting LPG, clean woodburning cookstoves or both? Climate change mitigation implications of integrated household energy transition scenarios in rural Mexico (open access)

Governing energy transitions and regional economic development: Evidence from three Brazilian states

Does transmission unbundling increase wind power generation in the United States?

Emission savings

Can constitutions bring about revolutions? How to enhance decarbonization success

Southern California megacity CO2, CH4, and CO flux estimates using ground- and space-based remote sensing and a Lagrangian model (open access)

Other papers 


The onset and rate of Holocene Neoglacial cooling in the Arctic

Link between the North Atlantic Oscillation and the surface mass balance components of the Greenland Ice Sheet under preindustrial and last interglacial climates: a study with a coupled global circulation model (open access)

Asymmetric Cooling of the Atlantic and Pacific Arctic during the Past Two Millennia: A Dual Observation?Modeling Study

Solar activities and climate change during the last millennium recorded in Korean chronicles

Back to the future? Late Holocene marine food web structure in a warm climatic phase as a predictor of trophodynamics in a warmer South?Western Atlantic Ocean

Other environmental issues 

Substantial changes in air pollution across China during 2015–2017 (open access)

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