New research, December 3-9, 2018

A selection of new climate related research articles is shown below.

Climate change

Temperature, precipitation, wind

Hot days and tropical nights in Nigeria: trends and associated large-scale features

Recent decadal variability of daily observed temperatures in Hindukush, Karakoram and Himalaya region in northern Pakistan

Anomalous holiday precipitation over southern China (open access)

Global warming from 1.5°C to 2°C will lead to increase in precipitation intensity in China

The role of aerosols and greenhouse gases in Sahel drought and recovery (open access)

Contrasting monthly trends of Indian summer monsoon rainfall and related parameters

Global terrestrial stilling: does Earth’s greening play a role? (open access)

Assessing the climate change impact on the North African offshore surface wind and coastal low-level jet using coupled and uncoupled regional climate simulations (open access)

Extreme events

Global drought trends under 1.5 °C and 2 °C warming

Stratospheric Connection to the Abrupt End of the 2016/2017 Iberian Drought

Population exposed to drought under the 1.5?°C and 2.0?°C warming in the Indus River Basin

Characterising droughts in Central America with uncertain hydro-meteorological data (open access)

Evacuee Perception of Geophysical Hazards for Hurricane Irma

Eastern Canada Flooding 2017 and its Subseasonal Predictions (open access)

What determines flood risk perception? A review of factors of flood risk perception and relations between its basic elements (open access)

Modelling glacial lake outburst flood impacts in the Bolivian Andes (open access)

Heat waves in Berlin and Potsdam, Germany–Long?term trends and comparison of heat wave definitions from 1893 to 2017

Forcings and feedbacks

Computation and analysis of atmospheric carbon dioxide annual mean growth rates from satellite observations during 2003–2016 (open access)

Estimating Transient Climate Response in a large?ensemble global climate model simulation

Black carbon aerosol in India: A comprehensive review of current status and future prospects


Evaluation of the CloudSat surface snowfall product over Antarctica using ground-based precipitation radars (open access)

Sensitivity of the current Antarctic surface mass balance to sea surface conditions using MAR (open access)

A new surface meltwater routing model for use on the Greenland Ice Sheet surface (open access)

Seasonal to decadal variability in ice discharge from the Greenland Ice Sheet (open access)

Wintertime Fjord?Shelf Interaction and Ice Sheet Melting in Southeast Greenland

Glacier facies of Vestfonna (Svalbard) based on SAR images and GPR measurements (open access)

Airborne observations of summer thinning of multi?year sea ice originating from the Lincoln Sea

Spatiotemporal changes in snow cover over China during 1960–2013

The Changing Character of the California Sierra Nevada as a Natural Reservoir

Automated detection of thermoerosion in permafrost ecosystems using temporally dense Landsat image stacks


Projected freshening of the Arctic Ocean in the 21st century

On the effects of increased vertical mixing on the Arctic Ocean and sea ice

Sea Level Interannual Variability Along the West Coast of India

What caused the accelerated sea level changes along the United States East Coast during 2010?2015?

El Niño? Southern Oscillation incidence over long dry sequences and their impact on soil water storage in Argentina

The weakening of autumn drought intensity in Korea after late 1990s (open access)

Climate background, fact and hydrological effect of multiphase water transformation in cold regions of the Western China: A review

Atmospheric and oceanic circulation

Key Role of Internal Ocean Dynamics in Atlantic Multidecadal Variability During the Last Half Century

Changes in the MJO under greenhouse gas-induced warming in CMIP5 models

Recent breakdown of the seasonal linkage between the winter North Atlantic Oscillation/Northern Annular Mode and summer Northern Annular Mode

Footprints of Atlantic Multi-decadal Oscillation in the Low-frequency Variation of Extreme High Temperature in the Northern Hemisphere

Explaining asymmetry between weakening and recovery of the AMOC in a coupled climate model (open access)

Spatial analysis of early-warning signals for a North Atlantic climate transition in a coupled GCM

The North Atlantic–Eurasian teleconnection in summer and its effects on Eurasian climates (open access)

Carbon and nitrogen cycles

Soil aggregates as biogeochemical reactors and implications for soil–atmosphere exchange of greenhouse gases—A concept (open access)

Soil nutrient availability regulated global carbon use efficiency

Using research networks to create the comprehensive datasets needed to assess nutrient availability as a key determinant of terrestrial carbon cycling (open access)

Quantifying the effect of forest age in annual net forest carbon balance (open access)

Glacial iron sources stimulate the Southern Ocean carbon cycle

Global Pyrogenic Carbon Production during Recent Decades Has Created the Potential for a Large, Long?term Sink of Atmospheric CO2

Occurrence and Origin of Methane Entrapped in Sediments and Rocks of a Calcareous, Alpine Glacial Catchment

Methane at Svalbard and over the European Arctic Ocean (open access)

Global estimates of inorganic nitrogen deposition across four decades

Climate change impacts 


Economic Effects of Climate Change in Alaska

Identifying Environmental Risk Factors and Mapping the Distribution of West Nile Virus in an Endemic Region of North America (open access)

Increasing heat stress in urban areas of eastern China: Acceleration by urbanization

Variability in perceptions of household livelihood resilience and drought at the intersection of gender and ethnicity

Effects of Weather on Traffic Collisions in Edmonton, Canada

Environmental leapfrogging and everyday climate cultures: sustainable water consumption in the Global South


Temperature sensitivity of willow dwarf shrub growth from two distinct High Arctic sites (open access)

Temporal declines in tree longevity associated with faster lifetime growth rates in boreal forests (open access)

Temporal clustering of extreme climate events drives a regime shift in rocky intertidal biofilms

Semi?arid ecosystem sensitivity to precipitation extremes: weak evidence for vegetation constraints

Post?fire forest regeneration shows limited climate tracking and potential for drought?induced type conversion

Diversity of bacteria in cloud water collected at a National Atmospheric Monitoring Station in Southern China 

Climate change mitigation

Global energy growth is outpacing decarbonization (open access)

Climate change communication

The discourses of climate change science: Scientific reporting, climate negotiations and the case of Papua New Guinea

Evaluating the perils and promises of academic climate advocacy

The Circulation of Climate Change Denial Online: Rhetorical and Networking Strategies on Facebook

Climate Policy

Free allocation rules in the EU emissions trading system: what does the empirical literature show?

Energy production

Smoke radiocarbon measurements from Indonesian fires provide evidence for burning of millennia-aged peat

Impacts of the Three Gorges Reservoir on its immediate downstream hydrological drought regime during 1950–2016

Designing auctions for concentrating solar power

Is there a future for the gas network in a low carbon energy system?

Emission savings

The implications of scope and boundary choice on the establishment and success of metropolitan greenhouse gas reduction targets in the United States (open access)

Charging infrastructure for electric vehicles in Multi-Unit Residential Buildings: Mapping feedbacks and policy recommendations

Land use mediated GHG emissions and spillovers from increased consumption of bioplastics (open access)

The politics of technology bans: Industrial policy competition and green goals for the auto industry

Mapping of main research lines concerning life cycle studies on packaging systems in Brazil and in the world 

Other papers


Evaluating the timing and structure of the 4.2 ka event in the Indian summer monsoon domain from an annually resolved speleothem record from Northeast India (open access)

The Little Ice Age signature in a 700-year high-resolution chironomid record of summer temperatures in the Central Eastern Alps (open access)

North Atlantic Versus Global Control on Dansgaard?Oeschger Events

Hydro-climatic variability in the southwestern Indian Ocean between 6000 and 3000 years ago (open access)

Causes of East Asian temperature multidecadal variability since AD 850

Reexamination of the Late Pliocene climate over China using a 25 km resolution general circulation model

Prolonged Heavy Snowfall during the Younger Dryas

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