New research, March 25-31, 2019

A selection of new climate related research articles is shown below. This post has separate sections for: Climate Change, Climate Change Impacts, Climate Change Mitigation, and Other Papers.

Climate change

Uncertainty in climate projections and time of emergence of climate signals in the western Canadian Prairies

Temperature, precipitation, wind

Fast warming of the surface ocean under a climatological scenario

Robust regional warming amplifications directly following the anthropogenic emission (open access)

Heat transport pathways into the Arctic and their connections to surface air temperatures (open access)

Natural Climate Oscillations May Counteract Red Sea Warming over the Coming Decades

Interannual variability of surface air temperature over mid-high latitudes of Eurasia during boreal autumn

How much has urbanisation affected United Kingdom temperatures? (open access)

Assessing Climate Change Impacts on Human?Perceived Temperature Extremes and Underlying Uncertainties

Regulation of the intraseasonal oscillation over mid-to-high latitude Eurasia on winter surface air temperature over China

The variability of South Korean temperature associated with climate indicators

Optimization and evaluation of a monthly air temperature and precipitation gridded dataset with a 0.025° spatial resolution in China during 1951–2011

Long?term consistent monthly temperature and precipitation grid datasets for Switzerland over the past 150 years

Quantifying uncertainty in twenty-first century climate change over India

Decadal predictability of temperature and precipitation means and extremes in a perfect-model experiment

Sensitivity of extreme rainfall to temperature in semi-arid Mediterranean regions

Changes in extreme precipitation over dry and wet regions of China during 1961?2014

Non-monsoonal precipitation response over the Western Himalayas to climate change

Inter-comparison of remotely sensed precipitation datasets over Kenya during 1998–2016

Why does Amazon precipitation decrease when tropical forests respond to increasing CO2? (open access)

Numerical simulation of the effects of land use and cover change on the near-surface wind speed over Eastern China

Extreme events

Land subsidence in Houston correlated with flooding from Hurricane Harvey (open access)

The effect of heat waves on the intensification of the heat island of Iran's metropolises (Tehran, Mashhad, Tabriz, Ahvaz)

Loss potentials based on an ensemble forecast: How likely are winter windstorm losses similar to 1990? (open access)

Global lightning activity and the hiatus in global warming

High?temperature extreme events over Africa under 1.5°C and 2°C of global warming

Forcings and feedbacks

Climate and carbon budget implications of linked future changes in CO2 and non-CO2 forcing (open access)

On the interpretation of upper-tropospheric humidity based on a second-order retrieval from infrared radiances (open access)

Preliminary evaluation of the Atmospheric Infrared Sounder water vapor over China against high?resolution radiosonde measurements

Water Vapor, Clouds, and Saturation in the Tropical Tropopause Layer

Changing aerosol loadings over Central Himalayan region (2007–2016) – A satellite perspective

Clouds in convection?resolving climate simulations over Europe

Prediction of Northern Hemisphere regional surface temperatures using stratospheric ozone information

Radiative Forcing by Dust and Black Carbon on the Juneau Icefield, Alaska


Collapse of 4 Mm3 of ice from a cirque glacier in the Central Andes of Argentina (open access)

Regional variability of Arctic sea ice seasonal change climate indicators from a passive microwave climate data record (open access)

Backward and forward drift trajectories of sea ice in the northwestern Arctic Ocean in response to changing atmospheric circulation

Baffin Bay sea ice inflow and outflow: 1978–1979 to 2016–2017 (open access)

Compensating biases and a noteworthy success in the CMIP5 representation of Antarctic sea ice processes

Modelling climate change impacts on an Arctic polygonal tundra. Part 1: Rates of permafrost thaw depend on changes in vegetation and drainage


Intensification and expansion of soil moisture drying in warm season over Eurasia under global warming

Sensitivity of the Arctic freshwater content and transport to model resolution (open access)

Changing Lake Dynamics Indicate a Drier Arctic in Western Greenland

Atmospheric and oceanic circulation

Mechanisms causing east Australian spring rainfall differences between three strong El Niño events

Links of climate variability in Arctic sea ice, Eurasian teleconnection pattern and summer surface ozone pollution in North China (open access)

Decadal Variations of the Mindanao Current during 1960?2010

Carbon and nitrogen cycles

Modelling climate change impacts on an Arctic polygonal tundra. Part 2: Changes in CO2 and CH4 exchange depend on rates of permafrost thaw as affected by changes in vegetation and drainage

Estimating methane emissions using vegetation mapping in the taiga–tundra boundary of a north-eastern Siberian lowland (open access)

Emissions of methane in Europe inferred by total column measurements (open access)

Carbon cycling in the North American coastal ocean: a synthesis (open access)

Climate change impacts


Vulnerability of fisherfolks and their perceptions towards climate change and its impacts on their livelihoods in a peri-urban lake system in Zimbabwe

Seasonal effects of climate change on intra-day electricity demand patterns

Socio-economic conditions and small business vulnerability to climate change impacts in Hong Kong

Dynamic response of pedestrian thermal comfort under outdoor transient conditions

Semantics of outdoor thermal comfort in religious squares of composite climate: New Delhi, India

Impact of community-based organizations on climate change adaptation in agriculture: empirical evidence from Nepal

A panting score index for sheep

Uncertainty in assessing temperature impact on US maize yield under global warming: the role of compounding precipitation effect


Phytoplankton productivity and community structure variations over the last 160 years in the East China Sea coast in response to natural and human-induced environmental changes

Ocean acidification regulates the activity, community structure and functional potential of heterotrophic bacterioplankton in an oligotrophic gyre

Climate change would lead to a sharp acceleration of Central African forests dynamics by the end of the century (open access)

Snow roosting reduces temperature-associated stress in a wintering bird

Long?term declines of European insectivorous bird populations and potential causes

Large?scale distribution of tuna species in a warming ocean

Spatial and habitat variation in aphid, butterfly, moth and bird phenologies over the last half century (open access)

Global patterns in fine root decomposition: climate, chemistry, mycorrhizal association and woodiness

Other impacts

Snowmelt?triggered earthquake swarms at the margin of Long Valley Caldera, California

Climate change mitigation

Assessing contributions of major emitters' Paris?era decisions to future temperature extremes

Climate change communication

Climate change in Nepal: a comprehensive analysis of instrumental data and people’s perceptions

Indigenous people’s perceptions about climate change, forest resource management, and coping strategies: a comparative study in Bangladesh

Seeing is not always believing: crop loss and climate change perceptions among farm advisors (open access)

Framing of Geoengineering Affects Support for Climate Change Mitigation

Climate Policy

Global rules mask the mitigation challenge facing developing countries (open access)

Exploring China's carbon emissions peak for different carbon tax scenarios

International carbon markets under the Paris Agreement: Basic form and development prospects (open access)

What can we learn about effectiveness of carbon reduction policies from interannual variability of fossil fuel CO2 emissions in East Asia? (open access)

Internal carbon pricing: rationale, promise and limitations

Policy goals, partisanship and paradigmatic change in energy policy – analyzing parliamentary discourse in Germany over 30 years

Energy production

Solar PV as a mitigation strategy for the US education sector (open access)

Limits to deployment of nuclear power for decarbonization: Insights from public opinion

Emission savings

Analytical framework to evaluate the level of integration of climate adaptation and mitigation in cities (open access)

High-resolution spatial distribution of greenhouse gas emissions in the residential sector (open access)

Seasonal and diel variation in greenhouse gas emissions from septic system leach fields

Potential impacts of electric vehicles on air quality and health endpoints in the Greater Houston Area in 2040

Identifying major influencing factors of CO2 emissions in China: Regional disparities analysis based on STIRPAT model from 1996 to 2015

Frequent interactions of Tibet's CO2 emissions with those of other regions in China (open access)

Simulating the future energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions of Turkish cement industry up to 2030 in a global context

Analyzing CO2 emissions from passenger cars in Europe: A dynamic panel data approach


Impacts of sulfate geoengineering on rice yield in China: results from a multi?model ensemble (open access)

Other papers

General climate science

Air temperature measurements using autonomous self-recording dataloggers in mountainous and snow covered areas


What caused Earth's largest mass extinction event? New evidence from the Permian-Triassic boundary in northeastern Utah

Empirical estimate of the signal content of Holocene temperature proxy records (open access)

Predictable hydrological and ecological responses to Holocene North Atlantic variability

Synchronous strengthening of the Indian and East Asian monsoons in response to global warming since the last deglaciation

Variation of Ice Nucleating Particles in the European Arctic over the Last Centuries

Introduction to the special issue “Climate of the past 2000 years: regional and trans-regional syntheses” (open access)

Impact of millennial-scale oceanic variability on the Greenland ice-sheet evolution throughout the last glacial period (open access)

A 7000?year history of changing plant trait composition in an Amazonian landscape; the role of humans and climate (open access)

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