New podcast: The Climate Show

I love podcasts and sadly there's not enough climate podcasts out there. Particularly podcasts with plenty of New Zealand and Aussie accents. That  situation is somewhat remedied by a new podcast The Climate Show (the fact that the title 'The Climate Show' was even available demonstrates the dearth of climate podcasts). The podcast is by radio presenter Glenn Williams from KiwiFM and climate blogger Gareth Renowden from Hot Topic. They've just released Episode 1 which you can subscribe to via iTunes or download straight off Hot Topic. The podcast is available as an audio file or YouTube movie with video (vidcast? vodcast?).

In Episode 1, they talk coral bleaching, geo-engineering, using narwhals as measuring buoys, electric cars and computer games. Their guest interview is with kiwi yachtsman Graeme Kendall who sailed through the North West Passage in record time a couple of months ago. They also interview me - apparently we'll be discussing a different skeptic argument each episode (if they ask me back). This week, we talk "climategate".

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Posted by John Cook on Thursday, 4 November, 2010

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