New research, May 6-12, 2019

A selection of new climate related research articles is shown below. This post has separate sections for: Climate Change, Climate Change Impacts, Climate Change Mitigation, and Other Papers.

Climate change

An example of principal component analysis application on climate change assessment

Temperature, precipitation, wind

An examination of temperature trends at high elevations across the Tibetan Plateau: The use of MODIS LST to understand patterns of elevation?dependent warming

Temperature variability of the Baltic Sea since 1850 and attribution to atmospheric forcing variables

Dominant east-west pattern of diurnal temperature range observed across Zambia

Simulation of Temperature Series and Small Networks from Data

Micro-scale warming due to poor ventilation at surface observation stations

Changes in Extreme Temperature and Precipitation Indices: Using an Innovative Daily Homogenized Database in Israel

Implications of a varying observational network for accurately estimating recent climate trends (open access)

Characteristics of land and sea breezes along the Guinea Coast of West Africa

The contribution of North Atlantic atmospheric circulation shifts to future wind speed projections for wind power over Europe (open access)

Extreme events

Hurricane damage detection on four major Caribbean islands

Hazardous weather events in the St Lawrence Valley from the French regime to Confederation: descriptive weather in historical records from Quebec City and Montreal, 1742–1869 and 1953—present

How much water can be captured from flood flows to store in depleted aquifers for mitigating floods and droughts? A case study from Texas, US (open access)

High?resolution Ensemble Simulations of Intense Tropical Cyclones and Their Internal Variability During the El Ninos of 1997 and 2015

Impacts of Mesoscale Sea Surface Temperature Anomalies on the Meridional Shift of North Pacific Storm Track

Potential impacts of global warming levels 1.5 °C and above on climate extremes in Botswana

Historical Variability of Southwest Pacific Tropical Cyclone Counts since 1855

Modulation of tropical cyclones in the southeastern part of western North Pacific by tropical Pacific decadal variability

Historical extreme rainfall events in southeastern Australia (open access)

Forcings and feedbacks

Impacts of Observational Constraints Related to Sea Level on Estimates of Climate Sensitivity (open access)

Short-wave spectral radiative signatures and their physical controls

Boundary Layer Clouds and Convection over Subtropical Oceans in our Current and in a Warmer Climate (open access)

Cloud radiative feedbacks and El Niño Southern Oscillation

Cloud fraction retrieval and its variability during daytime from ground-based sky imagery over a tropical station in India

Simultaneous dimming and brightening under all and clear sky at Camagüey, Cuba (1981–2010)


Climate change in the mountain cryosphere: impacts and responses (open access)

Regularized Coulomb Friction Laws for Ice Sheet Sliding: Application to Pine Island Glacier, Antarctica

Ice-dams, outburst floods, and movement heterogeneity of glaciers, Karakoram

Contributions of advection and melting processes to the decline in sea ice in the Pacific sector of the Arctic Ocean (open access)

Estimating melt onset over Arctic sea ice from time series multi-sensor Sentinel-1 and RADARSAT-2 backscatter

Update of Canadian Historical Snow Survey Data and Analysis of Snow Water Equivalent Trends, 1967–2016

Shifting spatial and temporal patterns in the onset of seasonally snow-dominated conditions in the Northern Hemisphere, 1972 – 2017


Towards a comprehensive characterization of evidence in synthesis assessments: the climate change impacts on the Brazilian water resources

Strong intensification of the Arabian Sea oxygen minimum zone in response to Arabian Gulf warming

Historical and future changes of blue water and green water resources in the Yangtze River source region, China

Weakening of the Senegalo–Mauritanian upwelling system under climate change

Atmospheric and oceanic circulation

ENSO Normals: A New U.S. Climate Normals Product Conditioned by ENSO Phase and Intensity and Accounting for Secular Trends

Carbon and nitrogen cycles

A machine learning approach to estimate surface ocean pCO2 from satellite measurements

Effects of 21st century climate, land use, and disturbances on ecosystem carbon balance in California (open access)

Inorganic carbon and pCO2 variability during ice formation in the Beaufort Gyre of the Canada Basin (open access)

Climate change impacts


Impacts of climate warming, cultivar shifts, and phenological dates on rice growth period length in China after correction for seasonal shift effects (open access)

Framing climate change in frontline communities: anthropological insights on how mountain dwellers in the USA, Peru, and Italy adapt to glacier retreat (open access)

Social capital and resilience to drought among smallholding farmers in Sri Lanka

Impacts of tropospheric ozone and climate change on Mexico wheat production

Incorporating social-ecological considerations into basin-wide responses to climate change in the Colorado River Basin

Weather conditions and museum attendance: a case-study from Sicily


Meta?analysis reveals enhanced growth of marine harmful algae from temperate regions with warming and elevated CO2 levels

Changes in timing of seasonal peak photosynthetic activity in northern ecosystems

Divergent long?term trends and inter?annual variation in ecosystem resource use efficiencies of a southern boreal old black spruce forest 1999?2017

Estimating late spring frost-induced growth anomalies in European beech forests in Italy

Inferring phenotypic plasticity and population responses to climate across tree species ranges using forest inventory data

Company matters: The presence of other genotypes alters traits and intraspecific selection in an Arctic diatom under climate change

Sub?regional differences in groundfish distributional responses to anomalous ocean bottom temperatures in the northeast Pacific

Thermoregulatory traits combine with range shifts to alter the future of montane ant assemblages

Temperature shapes opposing latitudinal gradients of plant taxonomic and phylogenetic β diversity

Climate change mitigation

A human tragedy? The pace of negative global change exceeds human progress

Contradictory governance norms within world society: energy development strategies, environmental protection, and carbon dioxide emissions

Unveiling the security concerns of low carbon development: climate security analysis of the undesirable and unintended effects of mitigation and adaptation

Climate change communication

Public support for global warming policies: solution framing matters

Attitudes toward climate change mitigation policies: a review of measures and a construct of policy attitudes

Investing into climate change mitigation despite the risk of failure (open access)

Exploring future scientists' awareness about and attitudes towards renewable energy sources

Perceptions of climate change and its impacts: a comparison between farmers and institutions in the Amazonas Region of Peru

Climate Policy

Why fully liberalised electricity markets will fail to meet deep decarbonisation targets even with strong carbon pricing (open access)

Carbon emissions and climate policy support by local governments in California: a qualitative comparative analysis at the county level

Linking with Uncertainty: The Relationship Between EU ETS Pollution Permits and Kyoto Offsets

Low-carbon energy scenarios 2050 in north-west European countries: Towards a more harmonised approach to achieve the EU targets

Emission savings

Emission regulation of conventional energy-intensive industries


Tools of the trade: practices and politics of researching the future in climate engineering (open access)

Other papers


Abrupt Alnus population decline at the end of the first millennium CE in Europe – The event ecology, possible causes and implications

Is the noble gas?based rate of ocean warming during the Younger Dryas overestimated?

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