Skeptical Science New Research for Week #34, 2019

 44 items this week, with 9 available as open access.


Humans dealing with global warming

Future Heat Stress During Muslim Pilgrimage (Hajj) Projected to Exceed “Extreme Danger” Levels

Impact of Water Level Rise on Urban Infrastructures: Washington, DC, and Shanghai as Case Studies

Not all carbon dioxide emission scenarios are equally likely: a subjective expert assessment

Decarbonization and its discontents: a critical energy justice perspective on four low-carbon transitions (open access)

Pitfalls in comparing Paris pledges (open access)

Real options analysis of climate-change adaptation: investment flexibility and extreme weather events

A strategy to assess the uncertainty of a climate change impact on extreme hydrological events in the semi-arid Dehbar catchment in Iran

Tracking the progress of climate change adaptation: An Australian case study

Meeting GHG reduction targets requires accounting for all forest sector emissions (open access)

Comparative study on institutional designs and performance of national greenhouse gas inventories: the cases of Vietnam and the Philippines

Transformative adaptation to climate change for sustainable social-ecological systems

Transitioning towards negative CO2 emissions

Biology and global warming

Responses of the northern Bering Sea and southeastern Bering Sea pelagic ecosystems following record?breaking low winter sea?ice

Climate change increases potential plant species richness on Puerto Rican uplands

Extreme warming rates affecting alpine areas in SW Europe deduced from algal lipids (open access)

Maize yield under a changing climate: The hidden role of vapor pressure deficit

Detecting temporal changes in the temperature sensitivity of spring phenology with global warming: Application of machine learning in phenological model

Evaluating impacts of climate change on net ecosystem productivity (NEP) of global different forest types based on an individual tree-based model FORCCHN and remote sensing

Extensive Land Cover Change Across Arctic?Boreal Northwestern North America from Disturbance and Climate Forcing

Surprising lack of sensitivity of biochemical limitation of photosynthesis of nine tree species to open?air experimental warming and reduced rainfall in a southern boreal forest

Fish communities diverge in species but converge in traits over three decades of warming

Contrasting consequences of climate change for migratory geese: Predation, density dependence and carryover effects offset benefits of high?arctic warming

Spatial heterogeneity in climate change effects decouples the long?term dynamics of wild reindeer populations in the high Arctic

Climate change erodes competitive hierarchies among native, alien and range-extending crabs

Agriculture and global warming

Global warming impact on confined livestock in buildings: efficacy of adaptation measures to reduce heat stress for growing-fattening pigs (open access)

Variable effects of 2°C air warming on yield formation under elevated [CO2] in a Chinese double rice cropping system

Assessment of global drought propensity and its impacts on agricultural water use in future climate scenarios

Physical science of global warming

Carbon chemistry of intact versus chronically drained peatlands in the southeastern USA

Attributing Greenland warming patterns to regional Arctic sea ice loss

Quantification of Surface Forcing Requirements for a Greenland Ice Sheet Model Using Uncertainty Analyses

Real options analysis of climate-change adaptation: investment flexibility and extreme weather events

CMIP5 model selection for ISMIP6 ice sheet model forcing: Greenland and Antarctica (open access)

Global response of parameterised convective cloud fields to anthropogenic aerosol forcing (open access)

An increasing trend in the ratio of transpiration to total terrestrial evapotranspiration in China from 1982 to 2015 caused by greening and warming

On the Causes and Consequences of Recent Trends in Atmospheric Methane (open access)

Hydrological and temperature variations between 1900 and 2016 in the Catskill Mountains, New York, USA

Temperature variation at the low?latitude regions of East Asia recorded by tree rings during the past six centuries

Evaluation of the Climate Extremes Index over the United States using 20th and Mid?21st Century NARCCAP Data

Geology and global warming

Uncertainty in geomorphological responses to climate change (open access)


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Posted by Doug Bostrom on Wednesday, 28 August, 2019

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