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Only ‘A-list’ of coral reefs found to sustain ecosystems, livelihoods

Coral Reef Solomon Island

Most of the tropical reef sites around the world are no longer able to simultaneously sustain coral reef ecosystems and the livelihoods of the people who depend on them, as human pressure and impacts of climate change increase, a new study shows.

Only 5% of 1,800 tropical reef sites across 41 countries, states and territories on Earth had plentiful fish stocks, high fish biodiversity and grazing, and well-preserved ecosystem functions — which are key marine ecological metrics, according to the authors of the paper published April 17 in Science magazine.

These sites were geographically spread through the Indian, Pacific and Atlantic ocean basins, the study said.

“These are like the Hollywood A-listers of coral reefs,” said lead author Josh Cinner, from James Cook University in Australia. “They have it all, but they’re also rare and live in exclusive areas — remote locations with little human pressure.”

Only ‘A-list’ of coral reefs found to sustain ecosystems, livelihoods by Basten Gokkon, Mongabay, Apr 27, 2020

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