The Climate Show #4: Peter Gleick, AGU and climate sensitivity

The Climate Show podcast have just released Episode 4. It's another great episode and I'm finding the podcast very useful in just kicking back and listening to all the latest climate developments handed on an audio platter. They summarise some of the results from Cancun (yes there were some) and their guest star is Peter Gleick of the Pacific Institute. Peter discusses all the latest scientific evidence emerging from the AGU conference which sounds like a cracker of an event - kind of like Comic-Con for climate geeks. Peter also recently published a must-read article in the Huffington Post, Climate Fraud and Hypocrisy.

I discuss with them the topic of climate sensitivity, in light of Andrew Dessler's recent paper on cloud feedbacks which was covered here by Dana in a recent blog post. We also cover The Scientific Guide to Global Warming Skepticism and how the Guide came to be. And lastly, at the risk of alienating all Skeptical Science readers not from cricketing nations (probably 90% of you), I have to point out that I did get my Christmas wish - an Ashes win in Perth :-)

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Posted by John Cook on Tuesday, 21 December, 2010

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