2020 SkS Weekly Climate Change & Global Warming Digest #40

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Global heating warming up 'nights faster than days'

Effect seen across much of world will have profound consequences, warn scientists

Polar Bear

The changes will impact many animal species and their ability to adapt to the climate crisis, research shows. Photograph: NiseriN/Getty/iStockPhoto

The climate crisis is heating up nights faster than days in many parts of the world, according to the first worldwide assessment of how global heating is differently affecting days and nights.

The findings have “profound consequences” for wildlife and their ability to adapt to the climate emergency, the researchers said, and for the ability of people to cool off at night during dangerous heatwaves.

The scientists compared the rises in daytime and night-time temperatures over the 35 years up to 2017. Global heating is increasing both, but they found that over more than half of the world’s land there was a difference of at least 0.25C between the day and night rises.

In two-thirds of those places, nights were warming faster than the days, particularly in Europe, west Africa, western South America and central Asia. But in some places – southern US, Mexico and the Middle East – days were warming faster.

Click here to access the entire article as originally posted on The Guardian website.

Global heating warming up 'nights faster than days' by Damian Carrington, Environment, The Guardian, Sep 30, 2020

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