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In Must-Watch Video, Greta Thunberg Warns Humanity 'Still Speeding in Wrong Direction' on Climate

The global crisis, says the youth leader, "cannot be solved without system change. That's no longer an opinion. That's a fact." 

Greta Thunberg

Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg (C) takes part in a Fridays For Future protest in front of the Swedish Parliament (Riksdagen) in Stockholm on September 25, 2020. (Photo:  Jonathan Nackstrand/AFP via Getty Images)

Teen climate leader Greta Thunberg on Thursday reiterated her demand that humanity end its inaction on the planetary emergency as she warned—five years after the Paris agreement was signed—the world is "speeding in the wrong direction" in terms of emission reductions.

With nothing less than a total "system change" needed, the 17-year-old Swede told viewers in a new video that she's "inviting you to be part of the solution."

Thunberg shared the 3-minute video on Twitter Thursday—two days before the Paris climate agreement's five-year anniversary.

Note: The above video is embedded in the Greta Thunberg Tweet embedded in the original article posted on the Common Dreams website. 

Click here to access the entire article as originally posted on the Common Dreams website. 

In Must-Watch Video, Greta Thunberg Warns Humanity 'Still Speeding in Wrong Direction' on Climate by Andrea Germanos, Common Dreams, Dec 10, 2020

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