Zvon.org guide to RealClimate.org

I have been for many years a regular reader of RealClimate.org and quite often consult their older posts. Recently I used some of my software developed for Zvon.org IPCC AR4 guide (see my previous post for detailed description) to simplify access to this information treasure chest.

This post demonstrates on a few screenshots main features of the Zvon.org guide to RealClimate.org.

  • contents in reverse chronological order
  • green links lead to the post details' page
  • brown links lead to the post at RealClimate.org
  • gold links lead to keywords and names listings 
  • keywords are manually assigned to individual posts
  • any suggestion for new/changed keywords  for a post would be greatly appreciated
  • names of both people and organizations are listed
  • as with keywords any help with locating other names would be greatly appreciated
  • doi links lead to the original articles
  • most articles contain links to Web of Science records
  • all posts which cite the article are listed
  • materials in WorldCat catalog are indexed
  • WorldCat.org  provides links to major booksellers, libraries, and websites with electronic materials 
  • post details' page contain first few sentences from the posts followed by a link to the relevant RealClimate.org page
  • keywords, names, articles and books mentioned in the post are also listed 
  • gold arrows lead to the previous and next posts.

Posted by Mila on Friday, 7 January, 2011

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