The FLICC-Poster - Downloads and Translations

FLICC-Poster-EN-ThumbThe FLICC-Poster is the result of a successful collaboration between Skeptical Science and our German partner website Klimafakten. It was first published in May 2020 and has been quite popular since then, helped a lot in all likelihood by the appealing design created by Marie-Pascale Gafinen. Initially created in German, an English translation followed quickly and the Dutch translation made an appearance a few months later. The poster for sure is an eye-catcher on social media and if you look for hashtags like #flicc or #plurv or #ploks on Twitter you'll find many tweets sharing the poster whereever misinformation needs to be debunked, be it about climate change or COVID-19.

With the publication of the Portuguese version (and Spanish in the works), we decided to set up this page which we will keep as current as possible whenever a new translation becomes available. The central download hub for the posters is so the links end up there.

The creation of additional translations of the poster requires funding for professional design and layout work. You can contribute to that effort here.


The FLICC-Poster has been translated into the following languages (links to the Klimafakten articles are in German):

Download (PDF)
Download (PDF)
Download (PDF)
Download (PDF)
   Other Languages
In the worksIn the works

Note to other translators:

If you'd like to translate The FLICC Poster into another language or help with a translation currently in progress, please contact us by selecting "Enquiry about translations" from the contact form's dropdown menu. In addition to translating the poster, we are also looking for help spreading the translated posters in countries where the languages are spoken. If you have any suggestions for that, please also let us know via the contact form. Thanks!

Posted by BaerbelW on Wednesday, 16 March, 2022

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