Animated powerpoint of the Indicators of Warming

A few days, I received an email from Chip Fletcher, a scientist working in the School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology at the University of Hawaii. Chip was interested in the Indicators of a Warming World graphic. Specifically, he wondered if there was "any chance of getting it as a PPT slide where each label makes entrance with a click?" You don't ask much, do you, Chip? :-)

Sadly, there was no such powerpoint. But when Chip offered to create the animated powerpoint if I could supply all the individual elements, I couldn't resist the idea. So a background JPEG and 15 PNG files later, I'd shipped off all the files to Chip and before long, he'd sent back a beautifully animated Powerpoint presentation. Here's a still screenshot of the final screen, including one extra Indicator suggested by Chip (Permafrost retreating poleward):

It also inspired me to make another change to our Climate Graphics resource - I've added Powerpoint Presentations to the list of options on the Indicators of Warming graphic. As with all the Climate Graphics resource, it's under a Creative Commons licence so all are welcome to use this powerpoint in your own presentations. Many thanks to Chip for both his idea and helping it take shape.

Posted by John Cook on Friday, 28 January, 2011

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