The Teachers' Guide to Cranky Uncle: Downloads and Translations

CrankyGuide-EN-ThumbPublished in January 2021, The Teachers' Guide to Cranky Uncle offers background information and classroom activity ideas for educators interested in using the Cranky Uncle game to teach critical thinking in their classes.

The Cranky Uncle game builds resilience against misinformation and strengthens players’ critical thinking. It achieves this through inoculation—explaining the rhetorical techniques used to mislead. The denial techniques in the game are built  on the five techniques of science denial outlined in the FLICC framework.

One of the activities in the Teachers’ Guide is the Please Don’t Fail Me assignment, designed by Melanie Trecek-King from Thinking is Power. Melanie has also written a blog post going into greater detail into this assignment and how students responded.

Other suggested activities include

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Posted by BaerbelW on Wednesday, 6 September, 2023

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