Exploring the feasibility of a new feature: Bunk of the Week

We'd like to improve our agility for dealing with newly-emergent climate misinformation, revisitation of old claims by people in general, and misinformers on platforms with high potential for causing harm.

So, we're exploring publishing a weekly feature, with the working title "Bunk of the Week."  We'd appreciate and value your help in shaping our direction.

Google form

If you care to help, please answer the following questions via this Google form:

  1. Would a "bunk of the week" be helpful?
  2. What would you like to see debunked?
  3. Do you have current examples?

  4. What could such a feature be called?

Question #2 invites "other" and we'd like to know your thoughts on that as well. For question #3 we are looking for current examples of what you'd like to see debunked. For any selected category, some samples would be helpful. For now, this is just to gather information to get a better handle on how much "input" there is readily available to feed into such a weekly publication. Therefore, please don't expect any actual debunkings for your submissions right away (sorry about that!).

"Bunk of the Week" is our working title but there might be better ones. If you have a suggestion for another title please let us know in response to question #4.

Thanks for your help and filling out the short Google form!

Posted by BaerbelW on Friday, 8 September, 2023

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