Cartoons: The psychological polar vortex

This is a re-post from Yale Climate Connections by Tom Toro

Cartoon of a mother packing an emergency kit and a child trying to put legos in it. The text says, "I appreciate your help, but our emergency kit probably doesn't need enough LEGO to rebuild the entire house."

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A cartoon with two panels. There are the same two people in both of them. The first panel says "Meteorological polar vortex" and has the person on the left saying, "Wow, it's cold!" The panel on the right the same person is saying "And this proves climate change is a hoax!" The panel is titled "Psychological polar vortex."

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This cartoon features two people sitting on a bench. One is pregnant. The cartoon says "I don't mind having a bun in the oven, but I do mind not being able to set the temperature."

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This cartoon features a family of two people, one dog and a cat. The person on the couch, the dog and the cat are holding their breath. A person building a CR Box air filter is smiling and not holding their breath. "Good news! There's an affordable alternative to holding our breath until we're lightheaded," the cartoon reads.

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A cartoon with two people in a house. One person has their hands against the windowpane. The other person is kneeling by the door and holding up a hand that's become encased in a block of ice. "I think I found where our house is leaking heat." The cartoon says.

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