Irregular Climate Episode 18 (featuring Dana Nuccitelli)

Dan Moutal has published Episode 18 of Irregular Climate. This ep, he looks at Climategate (again), stupidity from elected officials who are absolutely certainly wrong, against adaptation, and who think their legislative powers can repeal the laws of nature, styrofoam, mega-droughts, the loss of the Glory satellite and bad reporting from Grist.

However, the highlight for me is an in-depth interview with Skeptical Science's own Dana Nuccitelli (or as we like to call him, the "cyborg"). Dana explains in fascinating detail the scientific mistake made by both the FEU and Richard Lindzen. He gives us a brief history of Lindzen repeatedly making this mistake over the last few years, despite other climate scientists attempting to explain his error. And lastly, he looks at the unskeptical response from climate "skeptics" to Lindzen's errors. It's a great overview of all the work and research Dana has done on the subject - and great to put a voice to the name! :-)

Check out Irregular Climate #18

Posted by John Cook on Monday, 14 March, 2011

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