Upcoming book: Climate Change Denial by Haydn Washington and John Cook

Climate Change Denial by Haydn Washington and John Cook
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In late 2009, I was approached by environmental scientist Haydn Washington who suggested collaborating on a book 'Climate Change Denial'. Haydn was interested in writing an in-depth examination of the social science behind denial - in particular, denial about climate change.

There are various types of climate denial. There's literal denial, where skeptics deny the evidence for man-made global warming. This is most obvious in the denial industry, often funded by fossil fuel companies that seek to confuse the public. But there's also denial within governments, who pretend they are taking action. And there's denial within most of us. We let denial prosper and we resist the science and delude ourselves. Our book looks at all of these, examines the climate science in brief, summarises the types of denial arguments, and considers how we can roll back denial.

'Climate Change Denial' is being published by UK based Earthscan. The book is due to be released on April 28 but can be pre-ordered now for a 20% discount. Follow the instructions below to order from NewSouth Books (for Australian readers) or Earthscan (for the rest of the world):

To order 'Climate Change Denial' with a 20% discount:

Australia - AUD$34.95 Rest of the World - £14.99, USD$24.95
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Praise for Climate Change Denial

Over the last few months, we sent the manuscript out to a number of scientists and environmentalists who've written some wonderful reviews of our book:

"This book is a must have for anyone trying to understand the climate change issue. Washington and Cook use impressive skill to peel back the lies and deceit associated with a well-oiled machine, used for selling tobacco and now selling manufactured doubt about climate change."
Ove Hoegh-Guldberg, Director of Global Change Institute, University of Queensland

"Ignorance of science is one blockade to effective action on the human predicament. But corporate-financed disinformation campaigns, such as those claiming that climate disruption is a hoax, are equally important. This excellent book will help solve both those problems."
Paul R. Ehrlich, co-author of Humanity on a Tightrope

"Climate Change Denial reveals the crossroads we face as a society: do we let denial and confusion continue to derail solutions, leaving us vulnerable to runaway climate change, or do we accept reality and forge a truly sustainable path for future generations?"
James Hoggan, author of Climate Cover-Up and president of DeSmogBlog

"This is a major contribution to the growing body of well-reasoned analyses of climate change denial. It’s a must read for anyone interested in understanding the tactics used by the “denial industry” to attack scientific evidence of anthropogenic climate change."
Riley E. Dunlap, Regents Professor of Sociology, Oklahoma State University

"Climate change denial is the biggest single obstacle to achieving a sustainable future. This book provides all the evidence and arguments you need to counter the campaign of misinformation. Read it, study it and spread its message widely."
Ian Lowe, Emeritus Professor, School of Science, Griffith University and President of the Australian Conservation Foundation

"Washington and Cook shine a bright light on the charlatans, organizations, and funders behind the climate change denial industry. This clear and compelling book will make it easier for the general public to see through their tricks, and more likely that the world will move faster to take action on the most urgent environmental problem we have ever faced."
Peter Gleick, hydroclimatologist, Member US National Academy of Sciences, MacArthur Fellow, President, Pacific Institute

"Washington and Cook offer the best available guide to recognizing and combating climate change denial. Their book is compact, lucidly written, and based on recent research in climate science, psychology and sociology. Anyone concerned with reality-based policy in any area can profit from reading this excellent work."
Spencer Weart, author of The Discovery of Global Warming

"In engaging, easy-to-understand language, Climate Change Denial tells us all we need to know about global warming denial, explaining why, even though the scientific evidence is irrefutable, denial continues to prosper. We learn the arguments and techniques the deniers use and how easily they are refuted. Most important, the book shows us that if we and our elected leaders pull our heads out of the sand, there is still time to find a path to a sustainable, livable future."
James Lawrence Powell, author of 2084 and the forthcoming Inquisition of Climate Science

Posted by John Cook on Monday, 4 April, 2011

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