SeaMonster: an awesome new blog about the oceans

Some SkepticalScience readers might enjoy a new blog I recently launched with a team of marine biologists and science and social media specialist: SeaMonster (@ and seamonsterblog on twitter).

The idea behind SeaMonster is to blend ocean science and conservation with ocean sports and arts to reach a new audience with an exciting, dynamic and attractive outlet. SeaMonster is not a traditional long-form blog but a more edgy and fast moving multi-media stream about the oceans. There are lots of really nice sites about ocean conservation but nearly all are static, kind of boring and rarely viewed.

We want to move beyond preaching to the choir and arguing with the unconvincibles. Hopefully, SeaMonster will help us reach the remaining 80% that are interested in the environment but might not belong to the green party and would never read a science blog.

We'd love feedback about content, design, future directions, etc. And if you like the blog, please share with your friends, especially via social media.  Thanks! - JB

Posted by John Bruno on Tuesday, 12 April, 2011

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