Video and podcast about confusing the hockey stick with the 'decline'

A common climate misconception is confusing the hockey stick with the 'decline' in tree-ring density. Skeptical Science has cleared up the misconception in Muller Misinformation #1: confusing Mike's trick with hide the decline as well as in this interview on The Climate Show. A new Climate Crock video Unwinding "Hide the Decline" has been released by Peter Sinclair which is one of the clearest explanations of 'Mike's trick' and 'hide the decline' yet (as well as the most entertaining):

Similarly, Dan Moutal has just released Episode 19 of the Irregular Climate podcast. It's another great podcast, informative as always (although Dan should probably read our rebuttal of the climate myth "Renewables can't provide baseload"). I talk to Dan about Richard Muller, BEST and the confusion between Michael Mann's hockey stick and Keith Briffa's 'decline' in tree-ring density. You can subscribe to the Irregular Climate podcast on iTunes.

Posted by John Cook on Sunday, 1 May, 2011

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