Another animated version of the Warming Indicators Powerpoint

Back in February, Chip Fletcher from the University of Hawaii created an animated powerpoint of the Indicators of Warming, useful for public talks where the various warming indicators appeared one at a time. Shortly afterwards, Martin Hedberg created an updated version of this powerpoint, adding some fancy fade-in effects. Now Shawn Brooks, standing on the shoulders of giants, has taken the Warming Indicators powerpoint one step further - adding more animated effects to illustrate the various signs of warming being observed.

You can download Shawn's powerpoint here. Shawn is a Canadian teacher, creating this for his Year 10 class. Some of his additions include animated heat lines denoting ocean warming:

A flash of warmth to show tropospheric warming:

And diminishing sea ice and ice sheets:

As creative people continue to incrementally add to this resource, I find myself looking forward to the next iteration of the animated powerpoint and wondering where this will all end. Warming Indicators: The Motion Picture?

Posted by John Cook on Wednesday, 18 May, 2011

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